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XIII Walkthrough
Winslow Bank

To start with, you're driving, remembering mongoose. In fact you're driving in New York. 11am financial district midtown. winslow bank.

Your first instructions are to access the strongroom and to not kill the bank staff.

When the loading screen is ready, hit L1 to start the level going. You start with NOTHING even if you saved things from the last mission.

The security guy tells you to go to the teller. "Mr Roland?" they say, apparently they know you. They ask if you want to access the safe. Give him your key. "Right this way."

Go to the door on the left. You're told it's got an upgraded security system. Now head into the gold door and down the stairs. "Hello James." You're told your box is still at the far end of the room.

Go in the big circular door. Now go all the way down to the end. Your screen zooms in on box. Open it - grab the suitcase and RUN. You saw bomb ticking in there. You flashback to earlier. "Carrington was right - they took the bait" In your flashback you see a black woman. "XX would kill to get their hands on those files." Note that you the player have to walk your character over near her for the scene to continue. "We'll incriminate all of them from XX to I."

You see her go forward and put the suitcase into the box. "What are you planning on doing on that boat?" she asks. Then, "Set the bomb!" she says.

Your vision returns to the present. BOOM - if you ran, you shouldn't be damaged at all.

XIII Walkthrough

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