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XIII Walkthrough
Neutralize the GIs

NOTE: I only realized long after I played XIII that I never got the full walkthrough written up. These are my raw notes on this level - but I'm afraid I don't remember more details to fill it in or make it more coherent. I hope it still helps! Now you can see what my raw note taking on my laptop while I play is like :)

avoid being spotted - neutralize the GIs

cooper here I was to escort president to the control station ... find out what's up.

grab him and put him in the room with broom. take broom. forward - 2 guys wandering. sneak forward and wait for 1 guy by door to stop - bash him. take him back. hear "why was this door locked?"

take chair. forward. right. hear tapping. 1 guy in armory, 1 guy wandering halls. wait for guy in front of you to go away from you towardsconf room and take him back to pile of bodies.

take chair in hall and go to armory on left. open door from side. wait for his loop to pass the door then bash him. get various ammo vest health etc. save the grenades for later!!

now into conference room and go left. around it. "The spads have taken president hostage" can shoot. shoot guy here, on other end on right. 3rd comes in from left again. 4th from behind. 5th from behind.

at this point first room on left has medkit in it that you can get, now that guy opened door to get to you.

"Number XIII! Back among us?" see Standwell come in. blast away at him.

get me out of here!

he was III

open door - see president. call off all operations. hit button. he collapses. says too take him to sfae place and find sheridan.

reload everytrhing and carry him. out of room and to left. checkpoint when you go out door. drop him there for safety and go forward - see people up on upper level. then guard up high. blast him. more join him and jump down. blast them too. another opens teh door. go down hall - keep blasting. forward - locker room. blast guy. health on right as well as vest. lockers don't open.

go back and get the president. go straight forward past the yellow stripe. as you get to the end "this way colonel quick." drop the president to the elevator. "He's breathing". guy opens the door for you. "Help us" go forward and shoot 2 guys. seems very halo like here. go right and shoot bad guys. "Spads plotting a coup - waiting for Wax's orders to attack.

You say "Wax is I we've got him."

go forward through door - level completed.

XIII Walkthrough

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