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XIII Walkthrough
Escaping from the FBI

Now it's 20:00 under arrest Brooklyn. They book you, and you see you're aged 36. It's 8pm at the Secret Office of the FBI in Brooklyn. Your current objectives are do not kill FBI agents, and join the girl on the roof.

The FBI shows you photos. It was you in the window that shot the president. They tell you you're guilty - and that you died on a mission in Mexico 2 years ago, that the military files are missing. Then there is an explosion. Everyone runs out and the black woman shows up at the grate. She shoots your handcuffs off. "Great to see you again Steve" and you're free.

There is nothing in the drawers. Take the document on the floor before leaving. Open the door - checkpoint.

You see 2 people down the hallway. Slide to the right. Go through the low vent, and then through the second one.

A guy comes in, grab the chair by the door and bash him. There's a medkit and ammo plus his 9mm in metal shelves.

Take a chair and go out the door out. Go across and get a full medkit in back of the computer room. Around the corner is a guy. "Don't shoot!" Bash him.

Next you reach a door into a computer room. Get the chair by the door and bash the guy. Now bash the boxes and go into the tunnel. You hear that guys with a RPG are storming the building. Grab a brick and head out the other end. Note that you can't throw bricks, you have to go up and bash guys.

Go across the hall and through another tunnel, taking a right. After the guy has turned, bash the guy on the back. Be sure to gather up ammo. There's another guy in the hall. Go to but not IN the open door with the FBU guy in front of it. The door opposite is a workout room. Get to the door - there's a shooter in there. In another room there is a movie viewing area with 2 guys. Go to the door at the other end - shoot the guy. Go through the back door there's a hallway there.

Go along to a wooden hole you can go out. Before that hole, there's a room with metal shelves. There's a medkit in one. You can hear 'where are you keeping your suspect'. Open the left door. Unfortunately, the bad guy shoots the FBI dude so shoot the bad guy. Get the shotgun. Slide open the cabinet to get some ammo.

Now head back out through the bashed in wooden area. checkpoint.

"we got him!" Go through the inner doorway. There are 2 guys here. A 3rd guy runs in then 2 more. Now go into a 3rd room with a bar. On the right there's a little room with nothing. Go straight ahead and downstairs for ammo and medkit, nothing else.

Go out shooting people. Soon you reach a room with a broken floor in it. "The floor's rotted out!" Shoot the guy down below and the 2 guys up on your level.

Shoot a few guys here. Note that you can avoid falling down by hugging the the wall. Cross the area and go left into a small room. Now go forward and right - you can go down a ramp area. Note this is just the way up in case you fell through the floor. Gather the ammo down there and go back up the ramp. There's another guy ahead. Go right into a boxes room. Go right at the end of the room. Now go left out this room into a long hallway. Head down a hallway to the end. "FBI undercover offices in Brooklyn. 110 Sterling street". Reach the ladder and end.

XIII Walkthrough

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