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XIII Walkthrough
Penetrate the Base Enclosure

NOTE: I only realized long after I played XIII that I never got the full walkthrough written up. These are my raw notes on this level - but I'm afraid I don't remember more details to fill it in or make it more coherent. I hope it still helps! Now you can see what my raw note taking on my laptop while I play is like :)

6:00 military base emerald. see lots of guards going into a showy tunnel. you wave goodbye to her.

penetrate the base enclosure.

start out 100 health, lockpick, no health kits, pistol, crossbow, shotgun

you hear a guard being shot. go along path. Big rock on right - see guy. around corner - shoot him with shotgun. "move the bodies later - easier when they're frozen" watch truck drive L to R.

peer around at Guy at jeep on left. shoot him. crossbow him. his pal too. 3rd guy too. Jones says "Rescue carrington and get the hell out" "This can't be good" you say. get assault rifle from guy. go in metal shack. 2 medkits.

2 guys show up. see their tap taps. kill them. can crossbow one and then second one runs to you and you can blast him. now go up path they came down straight ahead. "What is your major malfunction? MacCall's going to kill us!" shoot guy by truck. Then 2nd guy too. Truck is stuck in snowbank. "Something going on over there" - shoot him. his pal too. now guy standing in doorway of shack on right. also guy up ledge above using crossbow.

go in little shack and move lever - must do power. back to granite buildling and go in door. see dead bodies. shooting. shotgun first guy. run in and get 2nd guy. Do ammo sweep. medkit on barrel in back. 2 more badguys come in. Blast them. get helmet and body armor too. 2 sets. now in hallway up stairs to upper levvel. left - bridge power switch. mroe bad guys come in. shoot him. medkit and ammo on far end of upper level. 2 more badguys. down the stairs. another 2 in lower lobby waiting for you. gather all ammo and go out.

out to gate house. move lever. bridge exxtends. see guy on roof. "Fossil carrington. he won't talk. shack on left. medkit and various ammo. 2 guys. cross and undo bridge on other side. now jump up boxes on other side to get to roof. Use hook on hook spot above you. go up to snowy ledge. around to right. in the grate.

hear shots. brake other grate and look down ladder. go down. level completed.

XIII Walkthrough

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