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XIII Walkthrough
Set General Carrington Free

NOTE: I only realized long after I played XIII that I never got the full walkthrough written up. These are my raw notes on this level - but I'm afraid I don't remember more details to fill it in or make it more coherent. I hope it still helps! Now you can see what my raw note taking on my laptop while I play is like :)

set general carrington free. still have all ammo and everything. "SPADS excessive zeal will cost us dearly. neutralize gis not slaughter them! it's too late now. no witnesses understand? consider it done. What about carrington? Keep him in the hole. I want the naems of all the agents he's working with on the sheridan case. if he clams up take his cigars. thta'll get the fart talking. checkpoint. now find his cell.

break grate and jump down.

office area. can use surveillance camera. open door. see 02. can get guy on right from doorway at an angle. crossbow him. now peer around to the left. guys rush you - shotgun 3 of them. little room opposite.

turn right from first room and go into hall, door to right. medkit and grenade in equipment room. bathroom has shotgun.

back to starting room. turn left. barrack room with body armor in locker. helmet. 2 more little rooms nearby with AR and grenades nothing in 2nd room. go forward see 04 ahead. storeroom on left with chair in it. keep going. guard on right. elevator. go last storeroom before elevator has street signs and ammo and medkit. into elevator and press up button.

now on 10. go to right. see guy in office area. shoot guy in hall to left. glass area is bulletproof. go down right side and get guy there. now go to back of loop - elevator needs card. nexst to elevator are boxes. go up boxes and into vent. checkpoint.

go up ladder. "why does MacACall always wear the shades? Some kind of accident.

true McCall had him institutionalized. go in grate to green room. drop grenade down when see them. grapple hook above you and then wait to lower yourself down after the zapping happens. says US army on floor. blast balcony guy with rifle. 9mm pistol around on left. medkit on crates. go into little room - now bulletproof room. take card. guy comes in from outside and dtries to shoot you but can't shoot thorugh glass. back out door

grenade on shelf in key room

now use the keycard to unlock door. opens the door. get grenade ready adn throw out door. get guys out there. go out with gun in case you missed both. one by elevator. gather ammo.

now go in elevator pass. checkpoint.

blue surveillance room. lob in grenade. ammo here. through - 2 guys. get ammo. right - bathroom. put guys in bathroom. down hallway. hear taps. lob in grenade then blast away. several guys in a barracks room. gather up ammo. open all the lockers. medkit. blue document. that lets you use 2 handguns - now when you find a handgun you hold 2! Grenades too.

go out way you came in. end of corridor - medkit hop up boxes. hear "standwell I demand to be released immediately! Bring me my cigsars." go in and and can go left or right. flashback. see you talking to general. class A hero mission. go right and then right at wall through water drips. right again. follow zig zag. get full health kit and heavy helmet. can't go forward.

backtrack to start. now take left. go over grates in floor. at T go right and break end grate to leave tunnel. fin dgeneral carrington's cell is done. pick the lock. "escort carrington to the exit" give him HF transmitter. get body armor and health. open door. he gets his cigars. stand to left of door. general calls in soldier. snoot him when he comes in. "Well done".

shoot the other guys being careful as the general runs through your lane of fire. shoot the guys to the left first. now go past the general to the right. "look out" go to the right through the metal doors. guys at thet top of teh stairs. up the stairs to the right. "There's a ski lift behind the base." he goes left at the stairs. level complete.

XIII Walkthrough

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