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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Hyrule Castle

Teleport to the Hyrule Castle Town. The postman will stop you again. Go to the bar. Look at the map. Now head to Kakariko and go to the graveyard to fight the Golden Wolf from earlier. He teaches you the jump strike. If you teleport to the Zora's Domain, Ralis will be in charge now. It doesn't get you anything, though. Teleport to North Faron Woods and talk to the guy. He gives you a golden cuccoo. Holding the cuccoo above your head allows you to hover (like a parachute, mostly), though it's not much better than a regular one. From the stump, jump forward to the other stump, then turn east toward the root that's sticking out (it looks like you shouldn't be able to land on it, but you can) and then south to the ledge. Keep going. One of the two spinning bridges is gone now, so turn the remaining one with the boomerang and fly over to it with the golden cuccoo. Turn the bridge again when you're on it. Use the golden cuccoo to jump from platform to platform between the swinging rocks. Go into the forest. Skull Kid will reappear and summon marionettes. Kill them and follow him - forward, then right. He's in the tree-root cavern thing, behind the central tree. Attack him and he opens a new door. Follow him through it.

Follow him left, then left again. Go forward and right through the stone door. In the cave, light the two lanterns for 30 bombs. Go forward and the Skull Kid will be on a platform between four pillars. Shoot him and follow him to the right. Take a single right after that and the road will split into forward and another right; go forward. Go forward again, and then right. Take the first left from there. Take a right through the stone tunnel. Take two more rights - one into the cave, and then a right out of it. Climb up to the tree bridge. Stand on the bridge facing where there's no guardrail and look up. Shoot the skull kid off the tree. Follow him forward and jump down off of the wooden outcropping. Go forward and you'll fight him again. Shoot him as he plays. Use bomb arrows so you don't need a direct hit. You can ignore his marionettes and just shoot him. He opens a door when he's defeated.

Go forward. Push the block forward. Go down the hole and back to the Master Sword glade. Strike the pedestal with the blade. As you leave, there is a portal fight. Kill the three on the right first, then the two on the left. Go back up to the formerly blocked door and press A to open it. Now you are in a mirror image of the glade, except this one is not ruined. The music here is the same as the Temple of Time from Ocarina of Time. Go forward and strike the Master Sword pedestal again. This will open up some stairs. Ooccoo will run past you into the dungeon - the only time you see her enter, as it wouldn't make sense for her to be in there if you needed to open it. Walk forward up the staircase and one of the stained glass windows disappears. Go forward into the dungeon.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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