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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Twilight Princess - Poes

-In Jovani's house (first Poe)

-Along Wolf-Link's jumping route in the misty part of Faron Woods

-Gerudo Desert, near the Eldin Bridge.

-To the right of the Gerudo Prison entrance.

-The four Poes as the guards in the Gerudo Prison.

-Kakariko Graveyard

-Snowpeak Mountain, to the right of the Scent Trail.

-Snowpeak Ruins, front hallway

-Snowpeak Ruins, south western side 2nd floor behind ice wall.

-Lost Woods, past underwater tunnel

-Temple of Time, scales room

-Temple of Time, giant rotating lift room

-South of Hyrule Castle Town, on steps

-Oocca Sky City, Little Island

-Oocca Sky City, Central Upper Island

-West of Hyrule Castle Town, on wooden bridge

-Western Area, Lake Hylia

-East of Gerudo Prison entrance (when still in desert).

-Room 17, Cave of Ordeals

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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