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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Twilight Princess - Upgrades

-Bottle 1: Get fish for cat in Ordon Village (automatic)

-Bottle 2: Buy lantern guy's special 100-rupee deal

-Bottle 3: Get 20 Poes for Jovani (contains Great Fairy Tears)

-Bomb Bag 1: Buy Barnes' deal for 120 rupees.

-Bomb Bag 2: Free the Goron in the volcanic rock by using bombs on it after you drop it into the throne room

-Bomb Bag 3: Complete the rafting minigame the first time.

-Quiver 1 (60 Arrows): Win the STAR game the first time using the clawshot

-Quiver 2 (100 Arrows): Win the STAR game the second time using two clawshots. Look for the giant lines of orbs to get a big boost in your completion time.

-Open routes: After you get bombs, you can blow up the roadblocks in a lot of areas.

-Castle Town Spring Water: After you rebuild the western bridge, talk to the Goron elder in front of Malo Mart. He gives you some springwater to bring to his son in the castle town. Avoid the enemies by heading along the south of the map - near the ravine. Throw the barrel at the Goron and he'll get pumped up. He rolls back to the Malo Mart and gets some more springwater. On the way back, he drops a piece of heart. Now you can buy hot springwater in the town. You can buy some for 20 rupees if you have an empty bottle. If you get some, take it south and talk to the Goron standing in front of the rocks. Give it to him and he will become supercharged and drill through the rocks. He says to come back in a little while. Go around to other places and eventually when you come back the way will be open. The biggest effect of this is increasing Hyrule's economy and dropping the 2nd part of the Malo Mart Buyout quest down to 200 rupees instead of 2000.

-Magic Armor: Get all of the Malo-Mart donation upgrades - 1000 rupees for the bridge, 2000 to buy out the Snooty Shop, only 200 rupees for the 2nd part if you complete the Springwater quest all the way through - and then buy it at a reduced price at the Hyrule Malo Mart (598, compared to 100,000 rupees from the Snooty Shop)

-Great Fairy's Tears: These heal all wounds and boost your attack power. You can get them from Jovani for giving him 20 Poes, as well as from the Great Fairy herself if you beat the Cavern of Ordeals.

-Heart Piece (misc.): Use the clawshot north of the Bridge of Eldin. Follow the path and go into the cave. Jump down the levels (using the Iron Boots when you go into the blue magnetic field) and you get, at the bottom, 100 rupees and a piece of heart.

-100 Rupees (misc.): Use the double clawshot to descend into the hole in the field south of Hyrule Castle.

-100 Rupees (misc.): Climb the pillar thing in the field south of Hyrule Castle and dig as a wolf in the center of the ring of rocks. Kill all the tektites in the hole for a chest with 100 rupees. There are also bees here whose larva you can take.

-50 Rupees (misc.): Go to the southeast of the Gerudo Mesa and look for one of those floating plants. Latch onto it and ride it north onto the secluded island.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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