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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Lanayru's Sanctuary

You warp to Lanayru's sanctuary. Zant is there, and beats up you and the Light Spirit. He turns you into a wolf and takes the fused shadows from Midna. Zant hints that his magic is not that of old, but rather a new magic from a new god. Link charges at Zant and gets a piece of rock stuck in his head. Midna chants something and it sinks into his head. Zant whispers things to Midna and reveals his mouth, which is blue and vampiric-looking. Zant exposes Midna to the light spirit and she disappears. Zant turns around and Link is gone as well. Lanayru's magic teleported you to Hyrule Field. Link is still a wolf, but Midna is pale and white on his back. The light spirits instruct you to head to Princess Zelda. Go south to the castle. In town, people are afraid of you, but there's not a lot around. Go south to the bar. Go inside and you will get knocked back out and the door will slam. Attempt to leave and Telma's cat, Louise, will stop you. She opens a path to the castle waterway. Push the lone crate near the others and climb up into the window she opened. Walk along the tightropes without bumping the pots. If you have a pot in your way, gently pick it up and put it to the side.

You can listen to the Goron, Telma, and the three members of the Group. Go onwards into a room full of gold. This is the room that the cats hang out outside of. This is Jovani's house. Kill the Poe (attack until it's down, then finish it) and talk to Jovani. He asks you to kill 20 Poes, and then opens the underground waterway. Go into the chest. The waterway is flooding. Pull the ring on the northern door and slide down the water. Kill the two spiders, then pick up the stick and light it on the torch. Use it to burn down the web. In the next room, light the three torches (or at least the one closest to the next web). Use the burning stick to burn down the web (you can climb while holding it in your mouth). Go forward and dig when you reach the room with the dirt in the center. Now you're in the same underground waterway as before, when you were first a wolf. Head northwest. Climb the tower (watch for archers). Proceed through the open door at the top. Keep going until you reach the northwest part of the tower. You can't Midna-Jump across like last time, so wait until the wind is blowing full force and jump onto the flapping bridge to the northwest tower. You have to time it just right and from the right angle or you are going to fall. Jump on the blue roof and go into the tower. Climb the stairs up to Zelda's room. She tells you that you need the master sword to transform back into a human. Zelda then restores Midna to her healthy state at the expense of her own existence.

As you leave, the entire castle is surrounded by a huge, prism-like shield. Now, head towards the lake and cross the bridge. Your goal is the southern part of Hyrule Field. Once you're in Faron Woods, head to the misty area and go to the left side. Midna-jump over to the forest temple area like you did last time. On the way, there is a Poe. Defeat it and move on. Head past the bird's little shop and on the right there is a ramp. That girl monkey from before will get attacked by marionettes. Defeat them (spin attacks and lunges work well) and she will thank you. She tells you there is a wooded area on the other side of the pass. Climb up the ramp and then Midna-jump north. When you land on the little stump thing, turn right and continue. Cross the wind-driven bridges (forward onto the second one, then right onto the platform). You don't have the boomerang, so you'll have to wait again. Go forward across the tightropes for another howling stone. This one is the Prelude to Light from Ocarina of Time. Now the wolf is south of Hyrule castle. Head forward into the sacred grove and you will see another howling stone - this one emblazoned with the Triforce, rather than the Sheikah's eye. Howl at it (the song is Zelda' Lullaby from OoT) and Skull Kid will appear and summon some marionettes. He is accompanied by Saria's Song from OoT. Defeat the marionettes and go through the door he "opened". Take a right (marionettes will harass you repeatedly during this segment of the game).

Go forward until you hear a horn accompanying Saria's theme. Climb up to the raised area and attack Skull Kid. He'll run out the way you came in. Follow him and take a right to go through a newly opened door. Take three lefts and you will see him on a platform above you. Go to the back-right and swim through the waterfall. Climb up the stairs and attack him. After he leaves, jump down into the water and chase him out of the way you came in. Follow him back through the only open route (take a right and then go forward) and you will see a new area. Go through the tunnel in the back-right of the room. Climb up the tree stumps and cross the bridge. Attack Skull Kid and follow him through the formerly stone wall. Take a left and jump down.

Now is the "boss fight" with the Skull Kid. Kill all his marionettes, and then when he blows his horn to call for more (you may have to back up a bit) rush forward and pounce at him. Hit him three times and he'l disappear. The door forward will open. Go stand on the Triforce and howl Zelda's Lullaby. The two statues will test your worthiness. They'll both move at the same time, in the direction they're facing. They won't look in your direction, but rather they'll "turn" when you "turn". Also, they can't fall off or exist in the same area, so this will stall them. If they land on the same space as you, you'll be crushed. Now, what you want to do is get one statue in the top right "wing" - the very top right square - and the other in the bottom left "wing" - the bottom left square of the left "wing". The steps to take to get them to where they need to be is the following (this is the route I took, which worked for me): Down, Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, Left, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Up, Up, Right, Down. With the door open, go forward and retrieve the Master Sword. The stone that Zant put in you is driven out, and Midna takes it. With it, you can turn into a wolf at will. Link, in human form, draws the Master Sword.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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