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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

You can warp now. Warp to Hyrule Castle and head out the south gate. When you enter the town, you get a letter. She says to come to the bar. Head south first, though. Go down the stairs and around to the left and the Golden Wolf will be there. He teaches you the helm splitter. Now go to the bar. Talk to the Group and look at the map. Go outside and teleport to Lake Hylia. Turn into a human and head southeast across the wooden bridge. Climb up the ladder. At the top, turn into a wolf and howl at the stone. This song is the Goron Lullaby from Majora's Mask. The wolf is out in the desert, though you can't see the area yet. Now turn into a human and go to the tower in the southeast. Climb up and talk to Auru. He gives you a ticket. Go give it to Fyer, the cannon guy. Get anything done that you need to get done (restocking potions, whatever) and head to Fyer. Z-target him and "use" the letter like an item.

Go into the cannon. When you land, Midna tells you about the twilight realm and its origins. Now, in the distance you should see a big monolith. Head toward it. When you reach the base of the plateau it is on, clawshot onto the tree that is visible, and then onto the hovering plant thing above you. Wait until the plant is above the level with the monolith, then drop down. Go forward and there is a portal fight. Turn into a wolf for this. Now you have a way into the area without using the cannon. Climb up and talk to Midna when the icon appears. Teleport the bridge back to its original location, north of Kakariko. When you're done, teleport back to the desert. Under the chunk of bridge was a cavern; this is the Cave of Ordeals, where you work your way down the floors fighting monsters on each. You can go in if you want, but you definitely won't be able to beat it all until way later in the game.

Head back into the desert. Go north and you will be attacked by Bulblins. Spin-attack when their hogs come near you. Kill them and now you can get on one of their pigs. These pigs can break through the wooden buildings the Bublins have set up. Smash through towers and fences. To the right, enclosed by a fence, is a chest with 20 rupees. Near the campfire is another chest, also with 20 rupees, and a third chest with 10 arrows. Head north and smash through the fences. Climb the stairs. Head left for a chest with 10 arrows. Head right to get to the Golden Wolf. You learn the Mortal Draw. Go through the tunnel he was standing in front of. Look forward (use the Hawkeye here) and shoot the Bulblin guard on the tower before he spots you. Go up to the gate and turn right.

Shoot the sleeping guard. Go forward - not too much - and shoot the guard next to the torch. Turn left and shoot the guard on the tower. To the left of the tower is another guard on the ground level. Shoot him. Go to where he was sitting. There is another, more alert guard making rounds. To the right of the way forward (where the last guard was) are two barred windows. Shoot through them when you see the guard. Go forward; there is another guard where the wall turns to the left. Shoot him, then head to the east side of the room you are in. Look to the west and shoot the guard on the tower down (you should probably use the Hawkeye). Go forward, around the opening to the west, and there is another guard near a locked gate. Shoot him. Go forward to the corner near the gate (not near the light, though). To the west will be another guard. Shoot him. Go forward and to the right will be a goblin next to a roasting pig. He will drop the key. Hitting the roast pig gets you hearts, also.

Go back and unlock the door. Push it open and walk in; they slam closed behind you. Walk over to the pig. King Bulblin will attack you with an axe. Z-target him and use jump attacks and back slices. Dodge backwards (back and A) when he looks like he will attack. The mortal draw also works well, since he's too slow to do much about it. Beat him and he'll slink outside, then set the place on fire. Go get on the pig and bust out of the gate you came in and then forward through the barricades. Walk forward up the stairs. Go to the left and light the two torches for a chest with 50 rupees. Go down into the prison.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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