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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Gerudo Prison

Go forward and notice the giant quicksand vortex. Look up and to the right and clawshot onto the target. Jump across the platforms. The last one isn't far enough to jump, so jump as far as you can towards the door and then walk really quickly to get to the platform and pull yourself up. Roll over to the area next to the door (that's caged in a little bit) and use the clawshot on the pull chain coming out of the wall. You need to get it so the end of it is lying on the rock. When it is, pull it and the gate will open. Walk through. To your left is lantern oil. Get some - and maybe fill one of your surplus bottles, too. You'll need it a lot in this dungeon. Break open the barrier to the right and go through, jumping across the platform in the sand, to reach a chest with a small key. When you leave, the platform will have sunk, and bugs will crawl out of the sand. Quickly pull yourself up onto the other side and spin attack to shake the bugs off. Open the door and pull out your lantern. There are two torches, one to each side of the forward door. Light both (follow the twisting paths of stone) and go through the door. There are four blue lights - each is stolen by a poe. with them gone, the gate drops. When the lantern goes in front of you, turn into a wolf and kill the Poe like any other Poe (attack until it's down, then rip out its soul with A). Sniff the corpse and get its scent. The first trail goes west. When it goes into the ground, dig there and then pull the chain. Go down the stairs and push the handle sticking out of the column forward. A room will open to your right (you're basically moving certain parts of the wall).

Kill the redead quickly - before it screams and paralyzes you - and open the chest for a small key. Push the cylinder handle back to where it was and exit the room. When you go up the stairs, take a left and jump across the sand to get to a chest with a piece of heart. Use the clawshot (the target is on the right-hand side) to get back across. Go to the right of the stairs (in the same type of place) to get a chest with the dungeon map. Go back down the hidden stairs and push the handle forward again. Stand on the north side of the room and look up and south. Use the clawshot to pull yourself into the room above you. Head into the north room and turn into a wolf. There is one of those fire-stealing Poes here. He is normally un-hittable, but he turns blue when he attacks. Hit him then. When he's down, take his soul and the fire will return. Go out of the room, drop into the lower room, and turn the crank back to the original position. Leave the room. In the center room, you see the flame return to the torch. Go through the western door (the regular, non-hidden one) and then through the next west door as well. In this room, you need to turn right. Roll to the platform in the southeast corner. If you go the wrong way, spikes will come up. Roll forward twice, right once, forward again, and climb up. Grab the box and pull it back, then push it to the right between the two ledges. Go up the stairs to the highest part and jump to the west. Pull the chain as far back as it will go (you needed the box for extra distance to pull) and then run past the chandelier before it drops. Go up the stairs and past the statue to get the compass. Go to the statue and turn it so it is facing west. Go to the east and break the barrier, kill the Redead as quickly as possible, then open the chest to get the key. Open the western door and go in. Kill the skeletons when they bunch up. At one corner, there'll be a lot of little skeletons and a redead. Back up and take the skeletons out with a spin attack, then shoot the redead with ranged weapons (bomb arrows work best). Go forward and there's another redead. Kill this one with melee, as there's not enough room to get a good amount of ranged weaponry. Turn into a wolf and dig where you see the ghost trail going into the ground. Pull the chain, and when the secret door opens kill the ghost just like the last one you got. Go through the north door now. In the circular room, go to the right and get the chest.

The room will darken and you can hear squeaks. Turn into a wolf and activate your wolf-sense. You'll see lots of ghost rats. Spin-attack to knock them off and kill them. These guys are annoying, so whenever you start moving slowly as human Link, turn into a wolf and shake them off. Go through the door and you'll be above the central room. The third light will go on. Jump across the chandelier. In the next room, push the box forward until it falls into the groove. To the left of where it was is a chest with 20 rupees. Following that tunnel gets you to the door that is on the lower level (from which you couldn't advance, because of the box). Climb up on the box and pull the chain back (you can go underneath the chandelier as long as you don't let go too early). When it clicks, run underneath the chandelier to go get the chest. It has 20 rupees. Use the clawshot on the target above the western door and follow the tunnel back to the pullchain. Pull the chain again and stand underneath the chandelier, in the little lowered, darker spot. Wait for it to fall; you'll be unharmed, because you'll have been in the hole part of the chandelier. Climb up on the chandelier and use the extra height to jump to the eastern side of the room. In this room, approach the door to awaken the skeleton (it is a Stalfos, a Zelda staple). Kill it (the shield bash - helm splitter combo works best) and then plant a bomb on the pile of bones. This will permanently destroy it. In the room, destroy the wooden barricades with your sword to get some jars and 2 chests each with 5 water bombs.

Head south. Go up the stairs and wade across the sand to the statue. Light the first, outward torch, then light the one on the far right (if you went into wolf form and used your sense, you'd see the ghost trail going to it and then going into the wall that opens up when you light it). Go into the room and turn into a wolf. When you see the ghost, he will turn into four ghosts. They will circle you. The real one will turn blue when they all attack, and that is your chance to strike. Hit him twice and pull out his soul. That's the last blue flame. Head out the door and use the clawshot to get to the lower entrance to the central room. The last torch will light and the gate will lift. Go through it to proceed.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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