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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

In this room, go left. Drop to the bottom of this tower or use the clawshot points in the little rooms to get down more safely. At the bottom, pushing the handle west brings you up, and pushing it east brings you down. Raise it up twice, then go east. Follow the east tunnel to the south and west. There's a chest. Go back out the way you came in (there are spikes blocking the normal way out). Push the handle so that the lift goes down three times. Go south and open the door. The holes in the floor in this next room are for spikes. If you use your wolf sense, you can kill the ghost rats that get on you. Go left, forward until there are spikes, then turn right and go forward to the right-hand wall, then take a left and go to the south-western end of the room. Pull the chain as a human. Go down two grids and take a right, go to the other wall and take a right, go up one grid and take a right, go forward and left to get through the door. However, there are ghost rats and a Redead in your way, all of which slow you down. Kill them all and then go back the way you came to pull the chain again. Follow the route again and go through the door. Go forward and take a left. This room is full of spinning death traps. Go up the left side of the first trap (go when the trap is closer to you), and then the right side of the second (jump to the left-side platform at the end). At the end, go on the right side of the room to get Ooccoo. Head north. Follow the flow of the spinning machine (don't walk into it, I mean) and go to the northern part. Kill the two skeletons as before - destroy them and bomb the corpses. There's another skeleton back and to the left. Killing all three opens the gate. Head back into the spinning thing room and follow it around to the western side. Head across the platforms (remember to spin attack to get the bugs off of you) and jump across the gap - you'll catch onto the ledge. Pull yourself up. Go into the north door.

Our sub-boss fight is in here. Cut one of the ropes tying down the sword and the rest will burn off. Now you're fighting a ghost. Turn into a wolf and use wolf sense. Attack the ghost's body when he attacks and turns blue. Then he'll become "real" and fly up. Turn into a human and hit him with an arrow. He'll spin around and lunge at you. Stab him, and then stab him when he's down (the mortal draw works well for this). He'll go up into the air again; shoot him back down and hit him some more. He'll do this again; this time attacking his head should kill him. Go north and get the Spinner. Use it near the tracks leading out of the room to carry yourself out. Jump off with B when you're in the main chamber. When you exit, turn left and use the spinner on the wall. Go into the lower chamber and jump to the right-hand wall. Ride it up the slope and go through the eastern door. There are five chests in this room. The first two are on the left-hand side of this first area. They contain 10 bombs and 20 rupees. Use the spinner to get to them. Then use the tracks to go forward. Bounce from track to track to keep your momentum up with the spinner. Go down the center to go up into the central area. There is a skeleton here. Kill it and bomb it. Then get the chest for a piece of heart. From there, ride the northern track out. When the track breaks, jump from left to right to left to get back. You'll get dumped in a little enclosed area. Take the spinner up the track. After you hit the jump, turn right for a chest with a yellow rupee. If you want, jump down south, take a left, and go into the break in the floor to get a chest with 10 rupees. You'll have to go all the way back up again, though. Go up the ramp on the east side of the north area. Get on the track and jump from side to side to avoid the spinning blades. There's no real trick to it besides good timing. Go into the next room for the boss key. Take the track back to the first room and use the Spinner in the hole in the floor. Hit B a lot to spin the door open. Take the track up until you have passed one of the outcroppings on the central tower. When you are at the other one, jump out and land on it. Use the spinner in the central hole to light the two torches and call up the giant track. Get on it and take it upwards.

Unlock the boss door. Walk forward down in front of the dragon bones. Zant appears and brings it to life. Now you fight Stallord. Get on the spinner and spin around the pit he's stuck in. When you're behind him, get off the track, go down to his spine, and hit B to spin at it. Avoid the skeletons he throws in your way because they'll bounce you away (you can destroy them with the spinner though, by hitting B). Hit him three times and the sand will sink down. Go into the center of the room and use the central spinner to call a tower up. Stallord's head will come back to life and knock you down. Use the spinner and climb the tower. When you encounter the head, jump back and forth between the tower and the wall. Only do this once per fireball he shoots at you, or otherwise you'll get carried down to the bottom. He'll do this four times, then on the fifth he'll get really close to you and blast you with fire. You have to hit him with the spinner - jump out at him - before he does. This will knock him down. Hit the sword in his head with your sword (mortal draw works well for the first hit, then slash at him). He'll get back up and go back to the old routine. This time there will be spinning death blades, but the routine is the same. Collect the heart container and head out the door. Head up the spiral staircase. There is a five-enemy portal fight. Kill three of them and then kill the last two - pick two standing really close together and spin-attack them. Use the spinner to go up the statue and then spin in the hole at the top. The mirror of twilight is raised, but there's only one piece of it. Mystic sages appear on all but one of the pedestals up at the top.

They explain that Ganondorf is why the mirror was broken. The sages capture him and use a mystic sword to pierce him, but the triforce of power on his hand allows him to survive and break his chains. He kills one of the ages beforethe other sages blast him into the twilight realm. They say that Ganondorf probably gave Zant his power. Zant broke the mirror and split it up across the world. One is in the snowy mountain heights, one in an ancient grove, and in the heavens. Warp to the Hyrule Castle Town. The postman will stop you again. Barnes has new bombs. Now go to the bar. Check the map and head to Zora's Domain. While you're there, light the two torches in the throne room to get a chest with 50 rupees in it. Also, drop to the bottom (where you dropped that giant volcanic rock) and drop a bomb next to it to break out a Goron (the clue to this is that there is a spot you can focus on that looks like an eye, that will shake if you Z-target it). The Goron will give you a bomb bag. Swim up, jump down the waterfall, and head east. There is a tunnel that was previously blocked off that leads to Snowpeak. Go in it. Ashei is standing there (bundled up in a Yeti parka). She gives you a sketch of the creature she saw. He is holding a red fish. Go back to the basin and use the sketch on the guards near the entrance to Snowpeak. They say Prince Ralis catches the kind of fish it is holding (a reekfish). Teleport to Kakariko Village. Warp to Kakariko. There are a couple new things, if you haven't been back since we were last here in this walkthrough. Firstly, Barnes now has bomb bug things that walk around when you deploy them. Secondly, Malo Mart has a fundraiser now to repair the bridge (it costs 1000 rupees for the first part). Also, there are a couple things we missed before. Down near the springs, look up and to the east and there are some rocks. Blow them up with a bomb arrow and there is a piece of heart that we can grab with the clawshot. Below it is another rock. Blow it up and follow the passage. Dive into the water with the iron boots and the Zora armor and there is a chest with a piece of heart at the bottom. One of the rocks can be blown up at the bottom to give a purple rupee (50).

Finally, head back to the Zora King's grave and talk to Ralis. Show Ralis the picture. He gives you his coral earring to use as bait to catch the Reekfish. Go back to the Zora Domain's lower part. Go to the western area and fish near the two rock pillars sticking out of the water (one tall, the other short). Catch a Reekfish and then turn into a wolf. Learn the scent and go back to Snowpeak. Ashei will be gone. Turn into a wolf and follow the scent. Don't follow it precisely if it goes in the water, or you'll freeze. Also, when it goes straight up a cliff face, go to the right and up the ramp. This happens twice. For the third "straight up the cliff face", ram into the snowbank to make a ramp. Slightly ahead is another Howling Stone. This one plays the Ballad of Gales from the Wind Waker. The Golden Wolf is now in Kakariko Graveyard. Follow the trail and dig when it goes into the wall. Turn into a human and just keep going forward. Open the door at the end and head to the left. There's a portal fight. Kill one and then kill the other two. The snowstorm clears up now, too. Go talk to the Yeti. He has a giant Reekfish. He invites you down to his house. Slam into the tree and get on the frozen petal. Now there is a snowboard-type sequence. Press forward to accelerate and back to decelerate. Press A to crouch and release it to jump. You can also attack while on your snowboard. When you hit the ramp, you can jump from treetop to treetop and get a 5 rupee piece, a 10 rupee piece, and a 50 rupee piece respectively. There's a shortcut if you go up on the side of the cavern ahead of the tree area (almost immediately when you get out of the treeline, on the right), but you're not being timed right now so don't bother. Jump carefully over the platforms when they show up. When you reach the end, your board shatters. Go into the house.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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