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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Snowpeak Ruins

Open the door on the lower level. Talk to the Yeti's wife. She gives you a map of the mansion. Go through the left door and the Yeti will be making soup. This is an infinite pot of soup that will get healthier as you find more ingredients for it. Ooccoo is in a pot in the south part of the room. Go north. This is a standard icy sliding box puzzle. The box keeps going unless something stops it. One box starts in the northwest corner, and the other in the southeast. Push the southeast box north and west. Then push the northwest box east, south, east, north, and then west. The box placed there before will block it. Push the northwest block south. Now push the southeast block south, east, south, west, and south. The button will be pressed and the door will open.

Go through and turn into a wolf. Dig through the hole in the floor. In this room, there is a chest to the south with 20 rupees and one to the north that you must dig out as a wolf with a small key. When you are done, jump through the open window or walk through the door north of where you came in. Walk forward (the icicle enemies will bounce if you shoot them, hit them with your shield, or slash them; use Z-Targeting to raise your shield toward them and they won't be able to get you. Go forward and unlock the door. Kill the three icicles inside - don't try to get them all at once, instead keep one locked on and keep it as controlled as you can. If you get them all bouncing you'll be hit from behind. Slash them with your sword a few times to get them. When all three are dead the doors will open. Head northwest and then south. The door in front of you will be barred and two icicle warriors will attack you. Use jump attacks and spin attacks to defeat these guys; the hits will break their "spears" and they will retreat a few steps. Jump attack a couple times to finish them. Go through the door and get the Ordon Pumpkin. Head south. Climb up and then jump down and head south again.

Talk to the Yeti and you'll give him the pumpkin, improving the soup (it replenishes 4 hearts now). Talk to the Yeti's wife again. Go through the north door. There is a giant ice monster blocking the door you need to go through. Go through the window in the northeast and then go east through the door. Pick up the cannonball and carry it with you through the room. Drop it to destroy enemies, or if you can throw it onto them it will crush them in one hit. At the end, turn the cannon to face the south and insert the cannonball (stand on the platform and press A when holding it). Then put in a bomb behind it to blast the cannonball forward. It will blast through the ice. Go to where the cannonball landed and bring it back to the cannon. Turn the cannon west and load it with the cannonball and bomb again. Go through the ice it broke for 5 bombs. Exit to the south. Walk to the left and go onto the beams. Shoot the icicle monsters off with the bow. Walk forward and avoid the icy white spots or you will slip off. When you reach one that you must go onto, pull back as soon as you start slipping to brake yourself. Jump to the right across the beams instead of going across the next icy patch. Get the chest with 20 rupees.

Go west from there and walk across the beams to get the compass. The compass shows you not only chests, but cannonballs (marked with red circles) as well. Go north and clawshot back to the entrance. The compass shows us on the map that there is an area in the main area that we can dig at as a wolf to get. Go back and dig on the new "shiny dig spot". One time will reveal the chest's top, and a second will uncover it all. You get a small key. Use it on the door to the east. Pull the lever on the wall and place the cannonball in the slot thing that lowers. Go outside and pull the lever. Pick up the cannonball and place it in the cannon. Point the cannon north and put a bomb in. You'll blow the monster into smaller icicles. Go and get the cannonball. Put it back in the cannon and turn the cannon south. Light it and blow up the ice. Get a chest with 5 bombs. Head north. Try to go through the north door. The statue comes alive. It's like that Ball-and-Chain Knight from A Link to the Past. Clawshot up to the ceiling to avoid his spinning ball-and-chain. When you have an opportunity, stand RIGHT next to him and you won't get hit. When he throws the ball, circle around and hit him from behind. If you can get a few good Mortal Draws in, he'll go right down.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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