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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
The Yeti's Wife

Pick up his ball-and-chain - this dungeon's treasure. It can break through ice, which is useful here. Go through the door and break through the ice with the ball-and-chain. Take the Ordon goat cheese. Go out into the courtyard. Before you head back to the Yeti's wife, go into the northeast room. There is some ice that you can break with the ball and chain. Behind it is a chest with 20 rupees. In the main courtyard, you can also break through the giant wall between the east and west sides. Take the cheese to the Yeti and he'll improve the soup - it restores 8 hearts now, as much as a red potion. Now talk to the Yeti's wife and she'll say the key's in another location. Before you do that, head south into the first room. In the front hall, bash the northwest and central east suits of armor with the ball and chain twice (once to knock it down, once to destroy it) for 10 rupees and 20 rupees respectively. Now go north and east. Head north and push the box north. Bring a cannonball south and put it through the lever thing like before. Go south and pull the lever. Don't carry it up yet. Break the ice with the ball and chain, and then smash the ice monster with it, too. You'll have to hit him twice through the hole in his cage when he's not breathing ice out of it. Go up and do the same to the next one. Break through the ice at the top. Carry the cannonball up and put it in the cannon. Turn the cannon west but don't fire it yet. Go out the north door. Bash the icicle warrior with the ball and chain, then bash the ice to the left with it as well. Bash the center platform with the ball-and-chain (you can lock on) to start it moving. Hop on when it's close to you, jump off when it's near the other side. If the platform gets stalled, throw the ball and chain at one of the fences on the north side of the room. Get the chest with a small key. Head back south and go through the southwest door. Bash the ice to your right. Start the platform with the ball-and-chain and go across to the west. Kill the ice warrior. Get back on the platform and wait for it to stop. Look up and shoot the two bats off the ceiling. Hit the platform south of you with the ball and chain. Jump onto it. Wait for it to slow, then hit the next platform with it as well. Make a clean jump (don't wait for the last platform to slow down) and get the piece of heart on the ledge. Jump down and go up the stairs to the right. Use the clawshot to go back up. Cross back to the western side using the ball and chain and the platform. Go through the door. Bash through the icicles with the ball and chain. Bash the icy wall open to get the Poe inside. Head north. Go to the right and push the box forward.

Now you have an easy-access way north from the first floor. Jump down and bash open the ice surrounding the button and the third box. You should have three boxes: one in the northeast corner, one near the south button, and one actually on the south button. Push the one in the corner south and east. Push the one near - not on - the button north, west, and south. Push the first block east. Push the block on the button north, east, south, and west. Then push the second block north, east, south, and west. Finally, push the third block south, west, and south. Both doors are open now. Climb up in the northwest and jump back to the southeast 2nd floor. Go through the door. Look left immediately and bash the icicle warrior with the ball and chain. Run along the broken wall he's standing on to go kill the other two. North of them is a hole in the wall, and beyond it is a clawshot target. Clawshot over to it and drop down. Open the northwest door. Bash the platform, jump on, wait for it to slow, and bash the other platform. Jump on and over. Open the chest for a small key. Go through the south door. Jump down and climb up the crates to the second floor south. Head south through the door. Take the first left. There are two big ice monsters in here. Isolate them - stay out of their combined ranges and take them one at a time. Kill the little icicle monsters they break into, as well. When you're done, push the two boxes on the east side of the room forward. Go to the cannon and launch the cannonball westward. Go back into the west room. Put the cannonball on the see-saw thing and go through the door. Bash the ice to your right, then pull the lever to your left. Put it in the cannon. Turn the cannon northeast and light it. Go back to the door and take a left. Jump across the gap. Jump down into the room with the cannonballs (I guess the extra one was for that chest earlier, but we recycled for that shot). Climb the ladder and go through the room on the right at the top. The doors close behind you and in front of you. Don't walk forward yet; hit as many icicles with the ball-and-chain as you can before you go in. Walk forward and the icicles will turn into those icicle warriors. Defeat them all and the doors will open.

Use the ball and chain here for this fight. If you hold the ball and chain in your arms (don't hold down B) then it acts as a shield. Use this to get close to the enemies so they don't throw javelins at you, then hit them with the ball and chain. Try to get up close - their jabs are worse than their throws are. Go forward and get the bedroom key. Exit the room (the Yeti's wife is outside) and take a right up the ramp. Go get some more soup if you want - she'll wait for you at the top. When you're ready, unlock the bedroom door. The Yeti's wife goes crazy from the mirror and mutates. Now you have to fight her as Blizzeta. Bash her with the ball and chain to reduce her size. When she changes shape, watch out and dodge the icicle monsters she launches out. Keep hitting her with the ball and chain. Eventually you break her shell. She summons a bunch of crystals. Use the reflection in the ground to dodge the crystals. When they start spinning, keep moving. Eventually they'll come back up and drop in a circle around you (or they'll try to) with Yeta's crystal in the center. When that happens dodge the first circle and bash them with the ball and chain. Also, if you can bash one or two crystals after the first stage - when they drop on you in a line - you can escape the second stage even if they form around you. Keep bashing Yeta with the ball and chain during the second stage. She'll speed up a bit after the first hit. Three times will get her and she'll calm down.

You'll retrieve the shard of the twilight mirror. After that, Yeto and Yeta will embrace, dropping a bunch of regular hearts and one heart container. Collect it and head outside. There's still one chest in this dungeon (east of the front hall) but I can't see any way to get across to it, so we might need to come back later. Also if you come back you can play the snowboarding minigame as a race against Yeto or Yeta for prizes.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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