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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Grassy Cavern

Go forward into the grassy cavern. Look almost immediately to your left; there should be an ivy path climbing upwards. Kill both spiders on it with the slingshot (you will have to manually look up to hit the second one, as it is out of autoaim range) and then climb the ivy to get a yellow rupee. Jump down and go forward. The pots in the room (up on the pedestals) all seemed to have blue rupees when I went through, so break those with the slingshot as well. Kill the bokoblin and break the cage to release the monkey girl yet again. Kill the spiders on the ivy behind the cage with the slingshot and climb up. Go to the door and open it. In the next room, kill the spider by using spin attacks. Above you there is a chest, but you can't sever its cord with the slingshot. Light the four torches around you with the lantern to raise the stairs and continue on. Before the door, look to your left for the dungeon map. Go through the door and the boss monkey will sever the bridge with a boomerang. Go back, following the monkey, and when she jumps up on the rope jump to her and you will catch her hand. Release A when you are close to the other side.

Go through the door and she will resume following you. To your right in this next room is a hole dispensing bomb bugs. Kill one and leave it near the rock formation to blow it open, revealing some pots. This is where I found Ooccoo in this playthrough. Ooccoo will be stuck in a pot in every dungeon and she is used to warp you out and in, an invaluable skill. Go forward (don't bring any bomb bugs with you, they're too short-timed to be of any use) into the big open room. Follow the monkey across the jumps until she cowers; shoot down the hanging spider in front of her with the slingshot, then jump across and kill it with the sword (or you can lure it into the water, which will also kill it). Now there is a locked door, but you don't have a key. Go back to the north door. Cross the bridge when it is connected, but the wind will randomly spin it away so be careful. As long as you don't rush when it starts moving, you should be fine. Go forward through the door and get the small key. Head back to the locked door, open it, and go through.

Go across the bridge, which breaks. Roll into the totem three times to break the cage open. Kill the bokoblins that come. Then, under the bridge that broke, slightly to the right of it there is a ten-rupee chest. Go back in and jump using the monkey chain. Head back to the center room - past the room with the water. Now use the other monkey to jump over to the east side. Burn the web with your lantern. Go through, and to your right are two new enemies. The upgraded plant will bite you even when its stem is severed, so use a spin attack to cut it off. The weird blobby thing won't explode unless you throw a bomb into it (or one of those bomb bugs). Go up the stairs and you'll see another one. Go up more stairs and find the bomb bug. Carry it over to the landing above the second bomb plant thing and throw it in to explode it. Carry another bomb bug and jump over the pit where the bomb plant was. Throw the bomb bug up at the rock behind the two torches. There is a door; ignore it for now. Kill the spiders on the ivy to your right, then jump across and climb up. Throw a bomb bug down into the pit next to it, down to that first bomb plant. Go down and collect the treasure from the chest: a piece of heart.

Climb back up to the highest door (near that last bomb bug). Now we get a mini-boss fight with a bigger version of one of those bomb plant things. Hit the head with your sword (use jump and spin attacks liberally) until it dies. Then grab one of the bomb bugs and throw it into the bomb plant. Get the key and rescue the monkey. Go back down to the second-highest door (the one you blasted open with a bomb) and go in. One of the pillars before the bridge has a small key chest on it, so bash into it with the roll attack to knock it down. Then cross the tiled bridge. The monster in the bridge does not change position, so simply remember where he popped up and he will not surprise you. For recording's sake: he's in the first tile on the left, the middle tile in the center, and the last tile in the center. Now we have another tile area. You can go around this one, so do that; light the torches to open up the stairway.

Climb the ivy on the left to get a red rupee chest. There is a chest under the stairway; remember this for later, when you have something that can extinguish things. Shoot down the hanging spider and kill it, then open the door to free the monkey. Exit the room with both monkeys in tow. Now go to the northern door and go through it. Go back down to the center room as the monkeys will not follow you through the northern door (the windy bridge one). All four monkeys in the center room will beckon you to go north, to the chasm with the broken bridge. Cross the bridge using the monkeys; to your right should be two spinning bridge that won't match up. Ignore them for now and go through the north door.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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