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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Monkey Boss to Main Boss

Now you have a sub-boss fight: that boss monkey with the boomerang. He'll cut down those plant heads to come attack you; what you need to do is, after he throws the boomerang, hit the pillar he's on to knock him in the face with the returning boomerang. He'll get knocked down and that is your chance to attack with jump attacks and regular attacks. Two rounds of this (with jump attacks) was enough to beat him. He leaves behind the gale boomerang for your troubles. Go to the door and throw the boomerang at the propeller above it a few times. This will unlock the door for you. Upon exiting, turn left. Now you can use the boomerang to change the direction those spinning bridges are pointing. Cross them to get to the caged monkey. Kill its guard and use the boomerang to sever the line. The monkey will run off, rather than follow you. Follow the spinning bridges southward into that multi-floored room.

Take the east door to go back into that room with the tile monsters. Now you can use the boomerang to take out the monsters (lock on with Z) and then kill them with the sword when they are exposed. Extinguish the two lit torches to drop the stairs and get the chest behind it - another piece of heart. Exit the room and head west, to the center room. The monkeys will be back; use them to jump to the center island. Look up and sever that chest with the boomerang. Open it to get a compass. Extinguish any of the four flames on the isle with the boomerang to lower the stairs. Jump down, get the bomb bug to the left, and blow open the rock part of the wall. There's a 20-rupee piece behind it. Go back up and re-light the torches you extinguished. Now go west, into that room with the water. On the southwest side of the room are four propellers. On the ground between them is a path; lock on with the boomerang in the direction they show, starting with the one in the northeast. The door will open and you will get the big key.

Jump in the water on the western side of the room and swim into the hole in the southern wall to get to a chest with ten rupees. Swim back to dry land (the stairs out of the water are near the cavern's entrance) and head through the northern door. Cross the spinning bridge and follow the monkey. There's another spinning bridge. Throw the boomerang once to get on, then throw it again to make it go east-west. Go east after killing the two bokoblins. Kill the two spiders, then drop down into the pit without the webbing on it. Kill another spider, then find the bomb bug and throw it into the bomb plant. Get the red rupee. Climb back up and stand on the northern of the two webbing-covered pits. Use the lantern while standing on it and drop down to the monkey (the other pit takes you to where the bomb plant was). Break the monkey's cage and jump to the ivy. Climb back up. Exit the room. The western door is locked; we'll have to come back for that. Spin the bridge north/south and head north. This room has all the other monkeys in it. You don't have them all yet, so head to the right. Go onto the bridge and spin it while on it. Go onto the next bridge and do the same thing. Kill the bokoblin and all the spiders. Climb the ivy.

Go through the door to the east. Go on the wooden bridge and throw the boomerang at the bomb bug. It will bring it to you; carry it over to the bomb plant and throw it in. Jump across and get the chest, which contains a small key. Now go the eastern side of the room. Take your boomerang and make one lock-on point on the bomb bug, and another on the giant rock at the top of the ivy. Climb up, kill the guard and the two plants (use the boomerang to sever their stems and knock them down), and then use the boomerang again to pull up another bomb bug. Blow the rock open and free the monkey. He'll run off. Exit to the west, and then to the south. Go to that west locked door. Use the boomerang to kill the tile monsters, then head west through the tunnel (partially obscured by the scaffolding).

Kill the big spider and the two little spiders and climb up the ivy. Use z-targeting to get both of the windmills with the boomerang and free the monkey. Exit to the east and jump over to the chest on the north side of the scaffolding. Get 20 more rupees. You finally have all the chests in this dungeon. Head east and north to get to the room with all the monkeys. Now all the monkeys will be here, so jump across the giant monkey chain to the boss room. You have to time it pretty carefully, so jump only when they're near you. Go forward, and one of the pots will have a fairy in it. Capture it in one of your bottles. Unlock the boss door and go in.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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