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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

Now there is a boss fight against Diababa, the two-headed giant version of those plants from earlier. Use the boomerang and first target one of the bomb bugs and then one of Diababa's mouths. Do the same for the other. Diababa seems defeated, but then he returns with his true head and his two sub-heads. Wait for a second and the boss monkey will show up, holding a bomb bug. Lock onto the bomb bug and then onto one of the heads, and release the boomerang when the boss monkey is in front of Diababa. Blow up the sub-heads first, or they'll catch the bomb (which blows them up anyways).

After the sub-heads, hit the main head with a bomb - you have to strike when he is not facing you, so basically try to wait until the boss monkey is on either side of the arena, so that he will be on the other side when the bomb hits. Doing so will cause Diababa to fall down; strike his exposed eye with your sword. He'll get back up, regrow the two sub-heads, and spray poison at you. Dodge the poison by rolling or moving and then repeat the process. Use the A button to use the Ending Blow on the eye and kill him. You get a Fused Shadow and a full heart container. After you get it, step onto the teleporter. You are sent back to the Faron springs. Head west, past the lantern guy, and then north.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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