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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Temple of Time

Go forward and Midna notes that there's only one statue. Turn into a wolf and use your sense. There is the ghost image of a statue there. Pick up the horned statue on the east raised section and put it on the pressure plate on the left one. Climb up the staircase. Go down the west side of the stairs and light the two torches to get a chest with a small key. Go back up the stairs. When you try to go up the central stairs, Ooccoo and her son will join you. She seems to have some purpose in being here. Go up and unlock the door. Put one of the pots on the pressure plate in the middle. Get the chest to the south for 30 arrows. Go west past the first gate, then turn around and shoot the pot with your bow. Keep going west. Kill the lizardmen and then go near the black statue. It'll come to life. Use the back slice to get behind it and break the jewel on its back. When you break it (should take 3 hits) it goes berserk. Backflip away from it. It will explode. A chest will appear with the dungeon map. Climb up to the south and get the chest with 20 rupees. Take the two horned statues and put them on the pressure plates near the door. Go forward. To your left is a Beamos statue. Shoot it in the eye to deactivate it. Go up the spiral stairs and kill the Lizardmen.

When the stairs break, use the spinner on the wall to get across. At the top of the staircase, go onto the center tower. Go right, watching out for the spinning blades. Pick up the horned statue. Carry it right again and put it on one of the two pressure plates. Go into the center and push the handle forward to bring the lift down a level. Take the horned statue and put it on the lift. Kill all the spiders and the force field will disappear. Get back on the lift and push the handle back to take it up. Take the horned statue to the southern area. Stand on the lowered area in front of the pressure plates. While standing on that (it is whiter than the other area) put the horned statue on the pressure plate. Wait a second and you will rise up. Go forward and the door closes behind you. There are two of those statue enemies in here. Use back slice to circle around behind them, but watch for the other one when you're dealing with either. When they explode, a chest appears containing a small key. Head up to the south for a chest with 20 rupees. There are horned statues here, but for now it looks like we can't do anything with them. Head north out of the room. Go north across the central tower and unlock the door. Inside, go forward and shoot the Beamos statue. Strike the switch. Go past the Beamos statue into the center and shoot the switch again. Shoot the new Beamos statue and go past it. Open the chest in the exposed area to get the compass (it is to the left when you enter). Turn around, go forward out of the chest room, and shoot the crystal again.

Go up the spiral stairs. In the next room, look up and shoot the crystal to the east (the grey circle on the floor is the best place to do it from). Go forward; there's an armored lizardman in the next room - use the mortal draw on him, though regular attacks to his front work well too. Shoot the crystal again. Go forward (ignore the force field for now) and there's another armored lizardman. Stand on the grey circle and shoot the switch again. Go up the stairs and through the door. Kill all the spiders and bugs. A chest will appear with 50 rupees. Head up the stairs. Now we have a scale with two statues on it. Walk on and the one near you will lower. Pick up the horned statue and throw it onto the other side of the scale. Jump down and use the clawshot in the southeastern corner of the room. Pick up the horned statue and carry it to the scales. Throw it on the first scale to lower it, then throw it on the second scale. Look towards the center of the room and up. Use the clawshot on the target. Drop down and walk toward the track on the wall. Use the spinner to go left. Go forward from the track and there is a chest with 20 rupees, a Poe, and a door to the west. Go through it. It will lock behind you. Kill the statue and the two armor-mask creatures and the door will open. Look up and use the clawshot. Drop down and get the chest for 20 rupees. Put the two horned statues on the pressure plates, then use the clawshot to pull up the masks of the things you beat. Put them on the plates too, then jump down to collect the Big Key.

Exit the room. Go to the right and jump down so you don't need to bother with the scales again. Shoot the Beamos and run to the center of the room. Turn right and run when the slicer things aren't in the way. Go through the traps - all it requires is careful timing - and get to the chest with the small key. Exit to the north. The second spike thing will always go all the way to the end when you trigger it, so use this to get some time to run by it. Carry the horned statue around the fence to the pressure plate. This disables the force field. Go north. Kill all the spiders for a chest with 50 rupees. Kill the two statues. The pots in here are for when you get out, so you can break all but one of them when you go through this room in the future. It's one of those "put it on the pressure plate, break it when you're on the lift" things. Head east and go through the door. The other statue is at the window to this room, but there's an armored figure in our way. This armored knight will use shield bash attacks on us to throw us off balance and then hit us with his sword. Wait until he raises his arm and attacks you and use the Back Slice. Other times he will just block with his shield. You can also use the mortal draw, but this is dangerous and difficult. Any attack will work when he swings, but Back Slice also jumps you out of the way of his attack. Hit him repeatedly when you do manage to strike him. Eventually all his armor falls off and he draws his lighter sword. A powerful strike - the mortal draw, helm splitter, or back strike - will knock him off balance. Hit him a few times and he'll go down. Go forward to collect the Dominion Rod.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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