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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Dominion Rod

Use the dominion rod on the statue above the the chest. Walk it forward. It moves like you do, and when you press B it smashes its hammer. Since the distance between you and the statue is the same as when you activated it, you can exit the statue mode, move Link, and re-use the Dominion Rod to get to a better position. Use this to keep the statue in front of Link to smash his enemies. Walk him over to the glowing green pad on the floor to teleport him out of the room and then go out the door. Walk him forward and smash the gate. Hit those other statues while you're there; he crushes them in one hit. Walk him near the southern exit and stop. Put a pot on the pressure plate. Walk the statue and yourself onto the lift. Take an arrow and shoot the pot. If you're out of arrows you can also have taken control of one of those little horned statues, walked him on to lower the lift, and then walked him off to remove him. Either way, walk him down the stairs. He can go through the force field, but you can't. Walk him through as far as you can, and if it isn't enough to get him to the pressure plate go out of statue mode and take a few steps back, then use the Dominion Rod again. When he's on it, go out of statue mode and go through the field. Re-dominate him when you cross. Keep the statue in front of you so that the rolling things don't interrupt you and then use him to smash them. Go east and smash the spinning blades. Smash the Beamos statue, too. Walk him south, to the lift.

Use the Dominion Rod on one of the horned statues and walk it off the pedestal to the pressure pad. The lift will rise and carry your statue with it. Stand a little bit away from him and walk him onto the green pad and he will go to the next room. Head north. Walk him onto the scale, then throw the horned statue onto the other scale. Use the clawshot to go get the third horned statue from the southeast corner and carry it up the stairs to the other scale. With all three statues on the scale, stand on it and use the dominion rod to pull the big statue down. If you climb off the scale, or start to, de-equip the Dominion Rod, move closer to the center of the scales, and re-dominate the statue. Walk the big statue to the center of the north scale and throw the horned statues onto the south scale. Climb up on the north side and there are three more statues on the wall to your left. Activate one of those with the Dominion Rod, walk it off of its shelf, and throw it onto the south scale as well. Walk the big statue off with the Dominion Rod. Walk him down the stairs, use its hammer to smash the bugs, and walk it onto the control pad. Go down the stairs. Walk the statue to the left (remember the whole unequip-move back thing if you run out of space to walk) When he is in the center chamber, go to the circle on the floor and shoot the switch. Go into the center chamber and use the Dominion Rod to walk one of the horned statues onto the pressure plate. Go in and to the left and get a chest with a piece of heart. Walk the big statue out past the force field area and shoot the switch. Walk north with it.

Smash the gate when you reach it. Go forward and smash the other gate, too. Put the statue on the green button and continue on. Go south through the door. Push the handle on the central tower toward the south to go up. Walk the statue onto the lift. Push the handle the other way until you are down at the center floor again. Bring the statue to the pressure pads on the south (smash the blade things in your way) and go to the western side to get the little horned statue like before. Go through the southern door. Kill all the bugs, then head south. On the left side, behind the fence, there is a horned statue. Walk it north until it hits the pressure pad. Take one of the two horned statues near the center of the room and lift it up, then throw it into the fenced enclosure opposite the first one. Walk it north, too, and when they're both on their pressure pads a chest will appear. Inside is a piece of heart. Head north and the big statue will be reset. Go back up to it and bring it back on the lift, then head down to the ground floor. Use it to crush the bugs. This will deactivate the force field again. Smash the gate on the east side for a pressure button and a Poe. The pressure point actually only opens the gate that you smashed, so it was supposed to be when you didn't have the statue so you could move the little horned statue in to trigger the gate and let you get the Poe. Move the big statue north and smash the gate, then walk him into the teleporter.

Go west. Use the clawshot to get over the gate, then use the big statue to smash it for good measure. Go forward, smash the gates, and walk him onto the teleporter. Go north and put the statue in its proper place. Head north through the now-open gate. There are a bunch of traps in here. Take care of the Beamos' before you pass them. Near the second set of Beamos statues is a little horned statue. Take him forward to turn on the pressure plate. Jump past the pendulum and go past the gate. Once you're there, move the statue off of the pressure pad with the Dominion Rod. Go forward, break the pots to get a fairy, and open the boss door.

Now you get to fight the big mother of all of those bug things - Armogohma. It has a big giant eye, so you know what that means: shoot it in the eye. It will cover a sunlit spot when it crawls over it, so that's how you know where it is. It will open its eye only to fire a laser at you, so shoot when it does (watch it and you will see it open its eye, giving you a short bonus time to shoot before it fires its laser). When it falls, use the Dominion Rod on the statue behind it and press B (you have to get annoyingly close to the statues). You'll smash it with the statue's fist. It'll climb back up and lay a bunch of eggs. You can hit the eggs before they hatch to make it easier. Lure the spiders over to one of the statues and smash it with its fist, or use the spin attack. You don't need to kill them, but they'll bother you while you fight the mother. Repeat the first step again and smash her with another fist. She'll climb up and lay more eggs; shoot her in the eye and smash her yet again to defeat it. Or did you? Its "eye" - actually the rear of a smaller spider - and the brood are still running around. Shoot it with another arrow to finally kill it. You get another part of the mirror and a heart container. Teleport out of the dungeon.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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