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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Journey to the Castle in the Sky

Before you leave the non-ruined glade, look to the left and right of the staircase. Use the Dominion Rod on the Owl Statues and move them out of the way. They reveal a Poe and a chest with a Piece of Heart. Head out of the Temple of Time. Ooccoo and her son will leave you. She says the Dominion Rod doesn't work in the present - it's out of magic. She needs a spell to restore it, and then it can be used to return her to her home in the sky. Warp to Hyrule Castle Town. You get a letter from Renado. Head to the bar first. Use the map again. Go out and warp to Kakariko. Go to Renado's house. Darbus and one of the elders are there. Talk to Renado and he'll give you a letter. Head back to Castle Town and go to the bar. Give the letter to Telma and she'll give you an invoice to give to the doctor. Go to the west side of town and go into the Doctor's office, which is usually closed. Show him the invoice. He mentions a wooden statue, which he dropped medicine on and then had stolen. Wait until he goes into his "office", then go push the box in the back. Turn into a wolf and sniff the puddle. Follow the scent upwards - climb the box and the bookcase, then go past the pots and out the door. There's a chest with 20 rupees on his balcony. Jump down and head south. In this area, you'll get yelled at, but keep following the scent anyways. It goes to the bar. Talk to Louise as a dog and she says she took the statue, but it was taken by dog beasts outside of the southern gate. Go out there at night. Use the Midna charge attack to defeat them all. You'll automatically get the statue. Teleport back to Kakariko. Show the statue to Ilia. She says she was saved by someone, and the elder says it must've been the Hyrule Royal Family's guardian.

Darbus goes to clear the path north of Eldin Bridge. Teleport to the Bridge of Eldin, which is restored if you got the part of it in the desert. Run toward the spot marked on your map. Go into the south-pointing tunnel to see Darbus smashing the wall. He says there are 20 enemies ahead. We have to - or should, really - defeat them before they spot us so that they don't swarm us. Equip the bow and hawkeye combination. The first two are directly ahead - shoot the barrels behind them to kill them. This somehow escapes notice, for whatever reason. There is another to the right on the balcony that is barely visible unless you use the hawkeye. Most of this part is just "take a few steps ahead, check again" because of the way the ground is curved. There's another on a balcony ahead of you. Move to the left, look down the center street and then up to spot another one. Take a few more steps forward and you will trigger the "introduction video". A counter shows for how many enemies are remaining. Take a few steps back after the cinematic and shoot at the 2 enemies on the street, then another shot at the one in front of the house. Walk forward, near the crates to the left, and look on the right side of the street one level up. There's another enemy. Get up on the boxes and look down the street to see another one. We're halfway done. On the roof of the back-right building there's an enemy you can see from on the boxes. Cross to the left side of the street and hide at the corner of the first building. Look across to the first building on the right; in the doorway is another enemy. There's an enemy visible through the window in the second building's ground floor from the same spot. Go back to the right side of the village signpost and look through the window of the right building. There's a guard through the window. Shoot him. Go to the front side of the back right building and look through the window. Shoot the guard. Go into the building and climb up on the stack of boxes. Look across the street at the back-left building.

Kill the guard. Go down off the boxes. Look up at the hole in the ceiling. Shoot the guard. Go to the end of the building and look out the window; there should be a guard almost right in front of you. There is one in the alley between the two left-hand buildings, and one on a tower in the back. That's all of them. When you kill all 20, the old woman comes out of her house. This is Impaz, named after the original Impa - the Princess' nurse and bodyguard in the other games. She gives you Ilia's charm. If you exit the back-right building to the right (through a window), there is a howling stone. The song is an original one for Twilight Princess. This is the last stone. The wolf will be waiting for you in front of Hyrule Castle - north from the castle town. DO NOT do this until you have finished the 20 guards, or they'll all respawn and they'll know where you are. Leave the "town" and teleport back to Kakariko. Go into the house and show the charm to Ilia. She regains her memory and gives you the charm. With it, you can summon your horse (like with the horse grass) anywhere. It doesn't make much sense since you can teleport now, but we'll take it. She also tells you about the Rod of the Heavens, which the old woman considered important. Teleport to the bridge of Eldin, use the horse charm, and ride to the old woman's village again. The village is full of cats now, which leads to a hide-and-seek minigame if you talk to the chicken near the howling stone when you're a wolf. First, though, go talk to Impaz and use the Dominion Rod. She gives you a book, but the most important word is missing letters. Before we leave the village, go into the backyard of the southwestern building, turn into a wolf, and talk to the chicken. There are 20 cats around the village (the same "30...no, more like 20" quote is used as when Darbus was talking about how many enemies there were). We have to find them and then talk to each.

You start at the village gate. Go forward and there's a cat in the road. Climb up on the boxes to his left (or z-target when you're in range) to get the second. Go forward for another two in the road (I think one came out of the building in the northwest; the cats tend to follow you or go to you if you are near enough, for some reason). Climb the stairs in the northwest building for two more. Jump down and go into the alley between the northwest and southwest buildings for a cat. Turn into a human and hookshot across the road (catch onto the netting) for another one (this one jumped down in my playthrough, so be watchful). Go along the walkway southward for another cat in front of the next building. Go back up the stairs and jump across the balcony as a human. Turn into a wolf and talk to the cat (I came back later and found another one, somehow). Go forward and when you see the open window turn right and there's a cat up on some boxes. Go down into the main part of the southwest building for another cat. Exit the building out the window where you can see a cart and there's a cat. Go into the alley between the southeastern building and the northeastern building and then go behind the NE building for another cat. Go near the SW corner of the area for three more cats. Go back into the northeast building, climb up using the hookshot like before, and go southeast. When you can see the window to the other room, get a running start as a wolf and break through. It's kind of difficult, but you can break the window on your first try and then go through on the second if it looks too hard of a shot. Jump down and on the floor, behind the barrels, is the last one. If you've missed any of these go back and just talk to every single cat you see in the giant crowds. It's annoying because they move around a lot, but they're definitely all there. Go back and tell the cucco leader. Go in front of Impaz's house for a piece of heart. Head back to Kakariko now. Go to the basement of the shaman's house and show the book to Shad. It doesn't work on the statue. He gives you the book back and you find that power has returned to the dominion rod.

There are six statues. Let's warp to the Bridge of Eldin first. Walk north and move the Owl statue away from where it is. The base it stands on glows green; walk onto it to get a letter for the book. Head now to Kakariko Gorge. Head northwest from the warp point and climb up the steps. Take the owl statue and move it. Get the letter, then take the owl statue over to the gap in the wall encircling the area (the gap is in the east). Put it right in the middle. Go to the south, get up the ramp, and then go forward. Jump across the gap, using the owl statue as a middle platform. Once you're over, grab the owl with the rod again and bring it forward, following the path of the wall. De-control it when you reach the gap where it was. Jump over and bring it under control again. There is another gap, so put the owl statue in the middle of it again. Go forward for a chest with 100 rupees. Warp now to the front of Hyrule Castle Town. Go south, to the ruined area you spied on the bridge from with Telma and Ilia earlier. Kill the bulblins, then move the statue between the seating and the platform it's on. Jump across it to get to the letter. Now guide the statue west through the debris to the other pillar and put it in the same kind of place. Jump across for another 100 rupees. Go north, out of the ruins, and head toward the bridge over the lake (use the horse whistle to get there faster). North of the bridge is another statue. Pull it down so that it is underneath the ivy overhead. Clawshot to the ivy and drop down to the statue. Jump from the statue to the base with the letter. All I can say about putting it in the right spot is that you can drop, judge where the statue was when you landed, and move it accordingly. Move the statue to the west. Clawshot back up to the ivy and climb it to the top. Jump to the west, aiming for the statue's top. If you miss the first time, move the statue to exactly where you landed and try again. If you succeed, you get another 100 rupees.

Head now to the Faron Woods. Go northwest to the lantern guy. Go north from there until the road branches. Blow up the northeast passage rock with a bomb. Go through the rubble, pull the statue out of the wall with the rod, and collect the letter. Move it south to the hole in the ground. Turn into a wolf and Midna-jump across the platform and the branches. At the end, go forward and there's a chest with a piece of heart. Warp to the Gerudo mesa. Go east to find the statue. Move it down to the north side. Climb up the lower platform and jump across the statue to the letter. Now, like before, maneuver the statue from up on the platform (un-control and re-control the statue to avoid falling off). Two platforms over there is a chest with another 100 rupees. Head back to Kakariko Village. Head to the basement of the shaman's house. Show the book to Shad. He'll open the seal, get frustrated, and leave. Move the statue out of the way and head down the stairs. He'll follow you. Go to the statue and talk to Midna. Try to warp it, but Midna says Shad is in the way. Talk to Shad and he'll leave. Warp the cannon to Lake Hylia and talk to Fyer. He'll ask for 300 rupees. Use the money from the chests (or, if you spent that on the Malo Mart fund, go find and drop off some bugs for Agitha). However you do it, work up to 300 rupees and give them to Fyer. When he's done, use the clawshot on the lower end of the cannon barrel to launch yourself upwards. Ooccoo and her son will jump in with you. If you want, before you go you can go talk to the wolf in front of Hyrule Castle and learn the improved spin attack.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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