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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Sky City of the Oocca

You'll land in a pool. A Dragon will fly overhead. The Oocca are all panicked. Follow Ooccoo into the shop, using the iron boots when the wind starts blowing you away. Talk to Ooccoo and she'll come with you. She'll warp you to this shop, instead of out of the dungeon. The shop sells red potions, blue potions (full health), lantern oil, arrows, and bombs (the shopkeeper points out that the bombs and arrows are things that the Oocca can't use). Get whatever you need and head back to the pool. There are two chests on the bottom of the pool, so equip the Zora Armor and the Iron Boots. One chest has 20 rupees, the other has 15 water bombs. Equip your regular clothes and head north. Use the iron boots to walk against the wind. De-equip them when the wind's not blowing. Shoot the crystal above the door to open it.

In this room, the blocks that are blue will fall when you stand on them. Grab an Oocca and use it to float over to the non-blue side of the middle area. From there, use the clawshot up to the ivy-covered pillar. Climb around to the solid blocks. Grab an Oocca off the wall and use it to float to the end platform. Go north through the door. Use the backslice on the bigger version of those earlier monsters. Clawshot to the southwest - there's a grate in the corner with a hole in it. Go through, drop down, and use the spinner. Clawshot north and catch onto the ivy. Head across the bridge you just extended. Be quick about using the iron boots because the wind is irritatingly strong here. Go east through the door. Go forward, jump onto the platform ahead of you, and look up on the ceiling above the chest. Use the clawshot pad and drop down. Get the key, clawshot over to the grate on the last platform, then jump back. Head west. The dragon will destroy the bridge when you cross it. Go west through the door. Clawshot over to the ivy-covered pillars. Crawl on the ivy back to solid ground. Head west across the blue blocks (go quickly) and go through the door. Head south and use the spinner. Head west across the bridge. Go through the door. Walk forward. Don't go into the wind yet; use the clawshot to grab the mask off of the monster's face. Throw it away. Equip the iron boots and walk forward. Kill the monster. Go south, to the end of the platform, and look north. Use the clawshot on the switch. Go back around to the north. When you reach the blue blocks, use the clawshot on the ivy-covered pillar across the way.

Don't unequip the iron boots, though. Move around on the pillar and drop onto safe ground. Head west (you can unequip the boots once you're off the pillar) and out the door. Get the map to your left. Exit and go across the blue blocks to the south. This room is basically "jump across the gaps where the wind goes up when the wind isn't on". Go forward and right. Jump across the gap. Go forward again. When you get close enough, you'll see one of those tile monsters from the Forest Dungeon. Throw the boomerang to dislodge it and make it fall. Jump across when it is safe. Go to the right. There's another tile monster a bit ahead. Go to the right and jump down for a yellow rupee worth 10 rupees. Head back to the intersection and go west. Kill the tile monster across the way, wait for the wind to die down, and jump across the gap. Turn left and jump quickly across the blue block to the other side. Exit the room to the south. Kill the two lizardmen - be very careful using some moves because they might knock you off. When you defeat them the doors will open.

Head north and look up. There's some ivy. Latch on with the clawshot and climb up. Use the clawshot on the hanging thing to pull it down like in the water temple. Grab an Oocca and jump into the vortex when it's on. Head out through the north upper door. Use the ceiling switch in front of you. Use the Ooccas and the fans to head east (take a right at the first wind spot to get the chest in that nook you opened; it has 20 rupees). Go all the way east to get a chest with 50 rupees. Use the clawshot point to the west of that to get back. Use the clawshot to grab the Oocca you went over with, pick it up, and walk into the fan to go north. Use the fan to go northeast. Pull the switch using the clawshot. Glide across to the west and use the newly activated fan to go up through the hole in the wall. Exit to the north. This room is full of Ooccas and fans. Look to the east, stand on the edge, and clawshot over to the hanging switch. Pull it, then drop down onto the ledge and go through the now-open gate. Grab the Oocca and head to the west. Float down from platform to platform (I went southeast, then northwest) to get to the western lower door. Go through into the darkness. Clawshot to the switch above the fan, then use the iron boots for extra drop power. Drop down into the room below the fan.

Now there is a sub-boss fight. Shoot at the flying lizardman with your bow. He'll block with the shield. When he blocks, grab onto his shield with the clawshot to pull him closer. Slash him with your sword when he's on the ground - don't use the clawshot, or he'll hit you. Jump attacks are best. Once you hit him enough, he'll fly away. Go to the eastern wall and look so that you can see all three holes in the wall. When he raises his shield to fly at you, clawshot and bring him down. Slash him like before. He'll die eventually. Clawshot up to the east to get another clawshot. Now you have two clawshots, so you can go from point to point.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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