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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Continuing in the Sky City of the Oocca

Latch onto the northeast point on the ceiling, then go to the northwest point. Rotate so you're facing the center of the room, latch onto the ivy, and climb up to get out. When you leave, go left. Work your way up the wall by claw-shotting from point to point. When you reach the hole in the wall, turn around and clawshot onto the hanging switch. Lower yourself down to the gate you're holding open and use the clawshot on one of the points next to the door inside of it. Go east through the door. Use Z-Targeting in this room to find the first point, then jump quickly from place to place across the gap. At the last one, drop down and open the chest for the compass. Go through the door. Look up and clawshot along the bottom of the bridge. Kill the plants by hitting them in the face, then hitting them in the stem to knock them off. At the end of the bridge, there is ivy on the right side. Clawshot onto it and climb up. Now we're in the main room. Use the double clawshot to head east (from the point on the pillar to the point over the door). Look up and attach to one of those flying things with the clawshot. Use Z-Targeting to hit other ones and cross the broken bridge. Go to where the chest with the small key was and drop down. Look west and use the double clawshots to attach to the pillars. At the last pillar, drop down and look north. Clawshot over and look up behind you. Clawshot to there. Look to your left for a smaller grate on the same wall as you. Clawshot over to it. Look north for a chest with 20 arrows - clawshot over to it. Go back to the left-hand, slightly higher clawshot point, and look to the right to see a grate with a hole next to it. Clawshot over to the grate and go through the hole. Jump down to the left. Kill the plants on the ceiling, then go to the grab point one of them was attached to. Lower yourself, hit the switch, and go through the gate to get to the latch point on the other side. Look up and on one side there should be a grate. Grab it and look up again for another latch point. Look up again for another grate. Head north at the top to a final latch point. When you land, turn around and you will see a chest (it has 20 rupees in it). Jump over to the path it is on and get it, then grab onto the grate and back up to the latch point (or you could just jump back).

Go north. Go across the blocks to the left. Use your boomerang when you see the tile monster. Go open the chest. You get 10 bombs. Come back and go through the north door. Kill the plant (it is the sub-boss from the forest temple) and then throw a bomb in the center body. Go around the circle and kill the three smaller plants. Look up to the east and clawshot to the point. Quickly look to the south and clawshot onto the ivy pillar. Climb around to safe land. Kill any bats you can see. Walk slowly to the other side across the thin piece of stone. The chest on the way has 20 arrows. On the other side, kill any bats you can see again. Then use the thin wall handhold to cross by hanging onto the side. Kill the plant by hitting its head and then its stalk, then kill it if it lands near you on the ground. Open the chest for a piece of heart. Go back across. Look up to the south for another clawshot point. From there, hit Z to hit the other one, then look to the east for an ivy pillar. Drop down off the pillar onto the solid ground, then look toward the center of the room. Get close to the point and clawshot to it, then lower yourself down. Kill the armored lizardman and head south. Look up and you should see a floating plant thing. Latch onto it with the clawshot. Ride it over the wall and drop down. Look left for a chest concealed in the grass with 20 rupees. Look right for another plant. When the plant here is heading south, grab onto it and look south. There's a little island. Grab onto the plant near it and drop down onto it. Open the chest for 50 rupees and kill the Poe. Use the plant to get back up. Catch the other plant when it comes back. Lower yourself enough for the next part so that you can pass through. Catch onto the other plant and lower yourself again (this time you have a lower limit as well as an upper one). Drop onto the ledge at the end (check your shadow to confirm your location). Drop down into the lower area for a chest with 5 bombs, then use the plant to pull yourself back up. Go west through the door. Use the plants to go to the west island. Kill the armored lizardmen on the ground floor. Head through the door in the center. Kill the two enemies and get the chest with 20 rupees.

Exit. Go around the island and kill any birds that you see (they roost on the pillars). Go to the northeast side and clawshot over to the ivy. Once at the top, do another sweep for birds. Turn into a wolf and cross the tightrope. Go to the left. When you reach the ivy, turn into a human, look up, and shoot all the spiders off of it. Follow the ivy up and to the left. Drop down on the other side and get 20 rupees. Follow the tightropes for a Poe and 50 rupees. Drop down and head back to the northeast. Go up and across the first tightrope again, then turn right. Follow the tightrope over to the door. Equip the iron boots and cross the wind thing. The two enemies are REALLY annoying and can trap you behind the big chest if you aren't careful. Latch onto the switch and equip the iron boots to turn off the fan. Drop off the switch and get the big key. Drop down the hole in the south of the room. DON'T drop into the central room. Go through the door back to the island. Then go east to the big gap. Take the path of plant-things to the south (you will automatically Z-Target along this path). Go through the southeast door. Open the chest for a piece of heart. Either use Ooccoo to warp back to the shop or go out the door and head back to that tower; either way, get back to the central room. On the north side, there's a switch embedded in the ceiling. Go onto the southwest pillar and use it to clawshot over to the little piece of ivy on the fan area above you. Climb up, kill the two enemies, latch onto the ceiling in the northern side, and lower yourself down through the fan. While you're lowering yourself, latch onto the switch in the ceiling and equip the iron boots to turn on the fan outside. Lower yourself down safely. Go through the north door. Kill the birds when they get close to you (shooting them into the tunnel will knock the arrow off course). Kill as many as you can reach from the platform. Grab onto the spinning fan things - they have a grate side and a flat side. As they spin, jump from propeller to propeller all the way over to the other side. On the other side, latch onto the fan grate and go behind the non-spinning fan for a chest with 20 rupees. Drop down and go through the door.

Inside are two more of those flying Lizardmen. Use the same tactics as for the first stage of the sub-boss fight, except now there's two to watch out for. They don't take as many hits, though. Grab onto the back of the fan grate over the door, then onto the propeller. Over the fan grate is a switch, so hit it with your clawshot. There's another propeller up to the north, so catch onto that when you are facing it. If you can't reach it, you may have to drop down and try again because of where you landed on the platform. From there, go up to another propeller on the central thing, then to the east. There is a Blue Chu here; if you can kill it before it merges with a purple one, you can get its jelly, which acts like a blue potion. From the east go up the central thing again, then up to the west. Here there is another chance at a Blue Chu. Go up to the highest central propeller and hit the switch to get it moving, then use the target above the southern alcove. Drop down and open the boss door. Look up to the right for a grate, then to the right when you grab on for some ivy. Climb up to an arena with four pillars. The dragon Argorok appears. Either side of the arena has two pillars that are in clawshot range of each other. Get on a pillar and go from pillar to pillar to ascend. Grab onto Argorok's tail when you see him - use Z targeting - and equip the iron boots. He will smash down and some of his armor will break. The wind will kick up. Argorok will be higher now. Catch him again and he'll be knocked down, revealing a jewel on his back. He will smash off the rest of his armor. Some of those hovering plants will sprout up. Ascend the pillars and grab onto one of them. Argorok will be breathing fire now. Jump either from pillar to pillar or from plant to plant to avoid it.

When he is done breathing fire, use the plants to get around behind him and latch on to the jewel (you'll have to point the cursor at him to get the lock-on thing). Stab him repeatedly. He'll crash down to the earth. Climb up and do it again. On the third time, he'll start switching between where he's breathing fire, forcing you to change direction. The first time he stops breathing fire, stop, un-target, and rotate around to the way you came from. He'll do this once, and then you can latch on to the jewel and finish him off. You get the final piece of the mirror and another heart container. Teleport out and we're done with my least favorite dungeon in the game. Hookshot your way into the cannon and blast back to the earth (though it seems kind of weird for them to need to blast you back down).

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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