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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Exploring the Village

There is a save point now. You are awoken by the village children. Talk to them and hear about the slingshot. Go south into town; the first house on your right (with the pink roof) is the shop. The shop lady has lost her cat; you'll need to retrieve it to get her out of her stupor. Leave the shop and go talk to the guy across the way throwing rocks at something. Walk away and he'll throw a rock and hit the nest. The nest is much too dangerous to deal with right now. Next to the shop is a pedestal-thing made of rocks and moss; walk near it and talk to the guy as prompted.

Climb up the ivy and you will be shown the cat from the store. Jump across the gap to the other pedestal and use the hawk grass. Target things with the Wii remote - the hawk will grab rupees and other collectibles if you target them. Launch the hawk at the bee's nest to knock it down; it's not a concern right now, but later you will be able to collect pieces of the nest in a bottle to heal yourself with. Jump onto the shop's roof, then left to two more pedestals. You should see a monkey to the northwest; use the hawk grass to call the hawk, then launch him at the monkey. Now you have the cradle; bring it back to the pregnant woman near the river. If you drop or throw the cradle in the water, jump in after it and nudge it back to shore. Follow the lady back to her house. She will give you the fishing rod. Go down to the dock where the cat is and catch a fish. The first fish will make the cat interested in you; catch another one and he will grab it and bring it home.

Go to the shop and talk to the lady; she will give you a bottle half-full of milk. Now you can buy things; the slingshot is thirty rupees, though. If you drink the milk, you'll have an empty bottle and you can go get some bee larva from the crashed bee's nest. These can be used to heal you or as bait for fishing. The nest will stay there, too; it's an infinite source of bee larva. Climb up the ivy behind the nest to go to the branch it was blocking before; there's a blue rupee (5) and a yellow rupee (10) on the branch. Walk slowly and carefully to reach them. Now, for those other rupees, you can either ram into trees, walk through tall grass, break pumpkins, or use the hawk to target out-of-reach rupees. Some areas are accessible by picking up cuccoos, going to high points, and using them to glide.

Finally, if you go to the inlet where the monkey was, there are some rocks on a small island (not the big, spire-shaped one) that you can pick up and throw against rocks to get some good cash (the same as the pumpkins). There are also Ordon Catfish, if you fish back there (they tend to be more picky than the more common greengills near the dock, so you might need the bee larva bait to get them). Work up to thirty rupees and then go buy the slingshot. Equip it and then go back to the kids in front of your house. Go through their little shooting range. When you're done, there'll be a spider on the ladder to your house. Shoot it off with the slingshot, then go up and open the chest in your house. Get the sword and then go talk to the kids again. They'll run you through the sword tutorial (or, rather, you'll "teach" them how to use it).

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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