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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Heading Into the Woods

When you're done, a monkey will show up and the kids will run off to chase it. Take your horse north, past the bridge, and jump the fence in the Faron Woods. Take a left through the cavern, and then when the road forks again take a left. Talk to the guy at the campfire to get a lantern. Go back to the fork, dismount off of your horse, and go into the tunnel (using the wooden sword to kill the enemies in your way). Use the lantern to light the pedestals along your way; their light makes you less reliant on the lantern, which in turn saves you oil. Use the slingshot or the sword on bats. Use the lantern on the webbing to burn it.

When you reach the pots, use the slingshot to smash them and take the rupees inside. Go to the right at this point to get a chest with 10 rupees in it. Go back along the regular path and emerge in the woods again. Go through the area - defeating the occasional bokoblin with your wooden sword - and go to the northwest. There is a cave with a small key in a chest and two lantern posts; light them both to make another chest above the previous one. This chest has a piece of heart in it. Exit and go to the southwest of the area.

Unlock the gate and press on. There will be a small shop manned by a bird belonging to that lantern guy earlier. It has red potion and lantern oil, so feel free to stock up (both liquids go into your bottle, though you can refill the lantern directly). Put the correct amount of rupees in the box for what you bought. Advance to see the monkey and the kid in a cage. Defeat the bokoblins and then break the cage with your sword. Now you take the kid home.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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