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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Goats and Wolves

Another goat-herding session. Call your horse with the grass, then herd the goats like before. You're being timed, but it's only for a "do better than your last try"-type thing (your old record is apparently three minutes). When you're done, leave the ranch and you'll go into a cutscene. You get yelled at and your horse is taken to the spring. Talk to the mayor and a goat will get loose; use this to practice your grabbing skills (which will come in handy later). Hold down A to plant your feet and put yourself right in front of the goat. You'll throw it and it'll calm down. There's no reward for this, it's just practice.

Talk to the mayor again and another goat will come, ad infinitum. Go to your house and Colin will ask to go see Ilia with you. Malo and Talo are mad at him, so they won't let you and Colin past until you give Talo the wooden sword (leaving you suspiciously defenseless). Don't give him the sword yet; go into your house, jump down into your basement, and use the lantern. There will be a chest illuminated holding a 50-piece purple rupee. Now go and give in to the extortionist children.

Go down the path to the springs. Ilia won't open the gate for you, so go to the area near the south exit and look for a tunnel on the eastern wall. After a touching moment, monsters will attack and kidnap Ilia and the children. Then the leader will blow a horn, opening a dark portal in the sky. You chase them, but are greeted by a giant glowing blockage; you are captured by a dark arm, but the triforce on your hand glows and temporarily frees you. You are knocked back and transformed into a wolf-beast. Then you are dragged off by the creature.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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