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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Starting Out in the Village

You are now in Hyrule Field. Go forward, and there is some horse grass, but it does nothing right now. Head northwest and you will be accosted by the postman, who tells you there is a black wall blocking the way and gives you your first letter. Head west anyways and go into the wall to the twilight world. Go forward and spot the broken wooden sword. Use wolf sense and sniff it to acquire the Youths' Scent. With wolf sense turned on, follow the trail. There is a Portal battle. Defeat the twilight creatures and Midna will say that the bridge is out. When prompted for a teleport location, pick the one south of the forest temple (marked as a purple star on your map). The bridge will be leaning against the wall. Go to it, talk to Midna when prompted, and teleport back to Kakarigo Gorge. Midna will restore the bridge. Cross it and head on. Follow the scent north, to the gate, and dig under it. Keep following the scent. Now you are in Kakariko Village - there is another portal battle ahead. These ones aren't as agressive, so go kill the loner first and then use the multi-target attack on the other two (at the same time). Go to the spring and speak to the light spirit. You get another vessel of light, which means more bug-hunting. Now, head to the northern side of the southernmost building and Midna-Jump your way up.

Fall through the patch and you will go into the building. Turn your wolf sense on and you will see the village's remaining inhabitants. You learn that the village's other inhabitants were attacked, and when they were killed they were turned into more of the twilight monsters. Furthermore, you need to light the torches around the room to gain access to the cellar, where some of the bug things are. Pick up the stick that Barnes dropped and light it with the pot he managed to light. Then go around the top of the room and light all the torches. You can't dash, so run while pressed up against the wall. You don't have to get them all in one run. Jump down into the cellar when you're done. There are three bugs and a statue you don't need to worry about until much, much later. Get the bugs and Midna-jump out of the shaft at the end. At the top, you will be in the graveyard. There's another bug here; dig him out of the ground and pounce on him (he is fast and the tombstones are in the way, so try to corner him). Exit the graveyard. Head east and to the ramp marked with the sign. Don't go up it just yet; rather, go to the house it it next to and on the southeastern corner there is a hole to go through. Enter it and work your way up the shelves. Kill the bug and get the light drop. Exit the way you came in and go up the ramp.

Jump across the gap when you reach it and go into the open door. Fall down into the center of the room. Take one of the sticks from the fireplace, use the wall torch to light it, and then put it back in the fireplace. Attack the bug when it jumps out. Go through the door and into the main room. Kill the two twilight goblin things. There is a chest under the stairs, so get it for twenty rupees. Climb the stairs and there is another goblin. Kill that one, too. Go into the room with the beds and there is a bug on the wall. Kill it and get its light drop. Go back to the storeroom and climb up the boxes and shelves to get out. Drop down off the building and go to the western side. On the southern side of the western block of buildings, there is a stairs-like set of boxes to climb up. Go up and leap across the buildings until you find another patched-up roof. Fall in and use your wolf sense. You can see an enemy under a box, so push it forwards (press A when you're not pushing with the control stick) and it will pop out. Kill the bug and Midna-jump your way out. Go to the northernmost building and climb up on the boxes next to the bomb sign. Bust through the window (dash before you jump into it) and you will be in the bomb shop. Climb the stairs and bash against the dresser that is shaking. Kill the bug that comes out, climb up the makeshift staircase, and leave through the top door. Go up and around and you'll see a bug go into the bomb shack. Follow it in.

Take a stick from the fireplace, light it, and put it back in. Then get out of there the way you got in. The bomb shack explodes, leaving three light drops in its wake. Get them and take the ramp up some more. Dig into the side of the tower to get in, and then get the bug inside. That's all the bugs marked on the map, but we're still three short. Jump down and take the little path north to get to the Goron path. Midna-jump up and listen to the Goron, who says that humans aren't allowed up for some reason. Go forward and there is a bug in the area with all the steam jets. Kill it, and then go to the whistling stone near it. Howl the song that it teaches you and you will see the golden wolf again. As a side note, the song you howl is the song of healing from Majora's Mask. The wolf tells you to find him at the spring near Ordon village. You will have to come back when you have a sword.

Head northward to Death Mountain. There is another portal fight on the base of the valley. This time, there is one enemy penned off from the other three. There is a small gap in the wall so that you can go kill him, then deal with the other three as normal. Beat them and unlock another portal. There is a bug on the nearby wall; target it and jump at it, then jump again while it's flying (when it's low enough to hit). Go to the raised rocks near that wall and Midna-jump when the steam is not shooting out. Go forward past the steam and climb up the ruined wall. At the top, Midna-jump when the steam's not shooting. Drop into the hot springs area to get the last bug. You're again transported to the spring, where you talk to the Eldin area spirit. He tells you to go to Death Mountain to get the piece of fused shadow.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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