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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
The Gorons

You reunite with the kids and meet the villagers. Renado says that the Gorons are being hostile all of a sudden. Go to the Goron path and climb up the netting. The Goron at the top knocks you off. You aren't strong enough to withstand him. Leave the trail and Renado says that the mayor of Ordon knows how to beat the Gorons. Head south. You'll see your horse going crazy, and you'll jump onto her. Press the control stick left or right as indicated to stay on, and when prompted press A quickly to take the reins. She'll calm down, and you have your horse back. You can ride her back to Ordon. Jump over the gate to the town and you will be contacted by the postman, who has a letter from Ooccoo. Head south, through the woods, to reach Ordon.

Stop at the spring to fight that golden wolf. He teaches you the shield attack - use it to stun an enemy before going in for the kill. You can also use it to reflect certain attacks back. When you're done, ride to the mayor's house. You explain the situation and ask him for help with the Gorons. He teaches you how to sumo wrestle. It's sort of like rock-paper-scissors: You have to grab when he slaps, slap when he moves, and move when he grabs. He doesn't move a lot, so just grab a lot and you'll toss him. Open the chest to get the Iron Boots. Head back to Kakariko (stop and tell the parents their kids are alive, if you want). When you are near the village, go to the right before you go on the bridge (near the giant chasm). There is a spire sticking out with a heart piece on it; use your boomerang to retrieve it. Go into town. As you enter, the King Bulblin and his cronies attack, and Colin pushes Beth out of the way but is caught for his trouble. Chase after the King to the northern field. He summons many boar riding Bulblins.

Use the dash to chase the King and slash at him; if his minions box you in, use the spin attack to destroy them. There are an infinite number, so just chase after him. He'll corner you on the big Eldin bridge. Charge forward, dodge his ram, and slash him. Be careful, because he will change direction fairly quickly. You have to be going full tilt to have enough speed to slip by him. Two hits will knock him into the abyss. You rescue Colin and bring him back. There are some new things in town: for one thing, Malo (the little baby guy) has opened a store to the right of where you start. Go in and attempt to take the shield and he'll yell at you (you can't talk to him any other way). You can buy red potion, a replacement wooden shield (with a different emblem than the Ordon shield) in case your original one burns up, and a Hylian shield (for 200 rupees). The Hylian shield won't burn, and since you're going into some kind of super volcano, that's good for you. Buy it if you have the cash (you should at this point, if you've been getting all the chests and stuff).

At the other end of the town is the Bomb Shop, but it won't open until Barnes gets supplies from the Gorons. Head up the trail again; climb the netting and equip the boots, then stomp forward. Catch the Goron and throw him off the mountain. De-equip the boots and go forward. You will periodically be assailed by rolling Gorons, so be ready with the boots and the A button at any moment. In the steam area, there is some hawk grass - use the hawk to attack the archers impeding your progress. Go forward and you are spotted by some Gorons, who also show you how to get up. The Gorons can curl up into balls and then release, launching the person on their back upwards. It will be raining rocks and fire when you enter, and then a giant chunk of volcanic rock lands in the center of the valley. You'll need it later, but for now attack the Gorons using the shield bash and your sword. When they curl up, climb up on their back. You can look in the direction you want to be launched. Funnily enough, the Gorons in the hot spring don't mind you being there. You can buy arrows, lantern oil, wooden shields, and milk from them. Also, being in the hot spring heals you fairly quickly.

When you are done, keep working your way up the mountain. When you reach the steam vent that pushes sideways, you need to equip the iron boots, hold Z (to block), and sidle sideways in front of the vent. Keep the shield between you and the vent. A little bit ahead is a tunnel where Gorons roll down at you. Keep on your toes and throw them if they get close. There should be two Gorons at the top. Jump up them both and go inside. One of the Goron elders stops the younger Gorons from attacking you. You must defeat him in Sumo to get access to the mines. You can't equip the Iron Boots during the fight, so you will probably get thrown out the first time. Equip the boots, then go talk to him again. Then you fight for real. The elder will move and slap more than the mayor did, so be ready. When you beat him, you'll get access to the mines.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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