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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
The Goron Mines

Follow the trail downwards and jump onto the center isle. Wait for the lava to stop bubbling up and then jump across. Move forward. Go into the steel cage area (bashing the wooden boards out of the way with your sword) and step on the button while wearing the iron boots. This momentarily stops the lava flow across your path, so run quickly before it turns back on. Ahead is another button. Press it, go forward, and then go to the outside of the cage (make a u-turn, basically) before the lava comes back on. Climb up the ladder. Go forward for a chest with 20 rupees. Go back and left and jump onto the rock isle and across to the ledge.

When you land on the ledge, turn right and hit the button with the iron boots. Then turn around and go forward (to the left of where you jumped). Take a right when you're right in front of the lava emitter. Jump onto the metal platform and put on the iron boots to open the gate. Go through the door into the room with the magnetic cranes. Basically, in this room, when there is a crane above you (you can tell by the octagonal shadow it casts) use the iron boots and you will get sucked up onto it. Don't do that just yet, though; they're not turned on. Go to the left and down the ramps and there is a chest with a small key. Go up and to the right of the entrance and there are flipping platforms. Time your jumps and get across. At the end is a locked door. Go through.

When you reach the salamander enemy, lock on to it, jump to the side, and slash at its tail. Jump forward across the little rock islands. The path will branch - one going toward a gate, another to the side of it. Go to the side path. There will be a groove in the ground and a chain; pull the chain back constantly (even when it's as back as far as it will go) and release it when the lava flows go down (they all go at the same time). Run back (your path will go forward, left, and then back-left) and go through the gate before it closes. Go forward through the door. Jump into the water, push up against the grate, and use the Iron Boots. Walk through the hole in the fence and step on the button. You'll get pulled up. Walk along the magnetic material up to the doorway.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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