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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
The Goron Elder

In the next room is another Goron elder, Gor Amoto. He gives you a key shard. Go around the room and open the chests to get a dungeon map and 20 rupees. Ooccoo was here on my playthrough. Climb the ladder and exit through the top door. Equip the iron boots and walk along the magnetic wall. Kill the slugs before they get to you or else they will knock you down. Go through the door. Step on the button with the iron boots to get pulled up. Walk first to the northwest corner to get a piece of heart (that should be five total now). Walk up the magnetic wall and follow the path around to the western side, where you must land on the raised platform with two torches on it. Un-equip your boots to drop when you are safely over it. Go through the door.

Defeat the Bulblins and activate the button with your iron boots. The lower crane is now moving between three locations: the place you started from, the place you are now, and a place that's ahead. Stand under the crane and equip the boots, and then wait for it to go north. Then, when you're over the platform, de-equip the boots and go forward. There's another button guarded by two more bulblins. Kill them and turn it on. This one only has two locations, so go to the other one and drop. Go into the next room and kill the tektites. First, drop into the water near the switch and the giant octagon on the wall to get a chest with a key in it. Then drop down into the water near the metal fence and push the box forward. Then walk forward through the fence, de-equip the boots and float up.

Climb up and press the button, then walk into the magnetic beam. Walk to the raised area and drop onto it. Go forward and press the button, then (while wearing the iron boots) drop off the grate and fall into the beam. Go up and around and then drop. Get the chest with the 20 rupee piece and then hit the switch with your sword. Jump down and go through the now-open gate before it closes. Kill the two bulblins and then walk up the magnetic wall. Go right first to get a heart piece, then left to advance. Cut the gate, revealing a locked door ahead of us. Unlock it with that key you got in the previous room. Now there is a giant chasm full of cranes and Bulblin archers. Advance, using the boxes for cover. When you see a Beamos statue to the right, run towards it and take a right for a chest with a small key in it. Then go back to the intersection and go across the thin bridge to the locked door.

Jump across the rotating platform, then go up the ramp to the bridge with the magnetic parts on it. Wait until the three-spot version is facing upwards, then run to the closest magnetic area and equip the iron boots. Wait until the thing has rotated back to face-up again, de-equip the boots, and go to the second one. Wait again and go to the third. Wait again and get off the bridge. Go through the door and meet Gor Ebizo. Get the second piece of the key, and behind him get the chest with 10 rupees in it. Climb up the ladder and go around and through the door. Walk to the right and get on the magnetic material. Drop down onto the platform for a chest with 10 rupees in it and a door.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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