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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
The Sub Boss

Through the door is the "guard", but he won't hear anything about the elder so he's a sub-boss. Equip the iron boots if necessary (when you're near the edge, mostly). He'll charge up powerful attacks; hit him while he does so, and then dodge out of the way. If you hit him enough (spin attacks work well), he will try to roll at you. Throw him into the lava. He'll bounce back up. Throw him three times to beat him. He'll let you take the weapon, so go through the door and open the chest. Now you have the bow and arrow, which seems a little weird for Gorons to have, but we don't mind. Use the bow to sever one of the ropes holding the gate up behind the chest and go forward. There will be a room full of deactivated Beamos statues. Go forward and they will turn on.

Stand out of their ranges (at the center of the room) and shoot them in the eye as they spin. When they're all deactivated, you can pull them forward out of the way of their treasures. The southeast and southwest two have crates and jars, the south one leads forward, the east one has a chest with the compass in it, and the west one has a room with the last Goron elder in it, and the last part of the key. There is also a chest with 50 rupees in it. Go out and head south. Ram against the fence you encounter. Jump across the rock platforms. Look out for the slugs dropping down on you; shoot them off the stalactite before you jump to their platform. When you reach the button, step on it with the iron boots and get sucked up. Shoot the salamander in front of you down with your bow (hit him in the tail). When you're in front of the cave, shoot the target with your bow. Then drop down and go through the door. To your right is a chest with 50 rupees. To your left is a gate; sever the rope holding it up. Go press the button in and you'll be sucked up and brought to a door from earlier.

Go through and kill the fish (that have replaced the tektites) with your bow. Go through the same route as before to reach the switch and then go through the door. You can defeat the Beamos' from earlier using the bow, though this grants you nothing but safe passage. Go through into the chasm with the archers from before. Shoot them down (watch for the lightable explosive barrels) and go to the intersection. Turn right, towards the Beamos statue, and shoot it in its eye. Pull it all the way forward to open the gate behind it. Go up the ramp. Let the archers hit the barrels that block your way (just don't be near them when they explode) and continue onwards. Press the button to turn the crane on. Jump into the beam and equip your iron boots to catch onto it. While you are hanging, shoot the rope holding the gate up.

There are two chests to get before you move on. One is under the water, in the northwest area. It has 50 rupees. The other is also northwest, but above. This chest is currently unresolved. However, underneath its position on the compass (on the same level as the gate you knocked down) is a supply cache that includes a fairy. Go through the door on the other side of the opened gate, fighting the Bulblins in your way. Sever another gate rope. Fight the horde of Bublins that comes through - hack and slash and spin-attack them while they're still in a mass. Use the key on the big door and go through for the boss fight.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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