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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

Darbus' monstrous form is chained up and sleeping. However, it is soon awakened, with the glowing gem on its forehead. It bursts into flames and breaks its chains. This is Fyrus. Shoot him in the gem with your bow, then when he is weakened grab the chain around his leg. Equip the iron boots (notice the weakly magnetized floor visible under the metal) and pull to knock him down. Then go hit the gem with your sword. Do this three times - on the third, press A to use Ending Blow and defeat him. The gem overloads and breaks and the creature reverts to its normal Goron self.

Get the heart container and talk to Darbus, who can't remember what happened. Teleport out of the cave. You teleport to the spring near Kakariko. The spirit says to go north, to Lanayru's spring, so that's where we're headed. Before you go, there's a couple things to check out in Kakariko. Firstly, you can buy bombs now at the bomb shop (the opening combination - bombs and a bag to put them in - is 120 rupees). Buy these, because you need them. Secondly, there are Gorons around serving as voluntary launch points to send you up to the higher parts of the town, like the now-operational hot springs and the watchtower. Thirdly, at night, there's a Goron kid with a shop on the street. He doesn't have anything fancy, but it's still kind of convenient for when Malo's shop isn't open. Fourthly, if you go up the watchtower (take the ramp up from Barnes' shop or the Goron standing out in front of it) and open the chest (on the inside) you'll get 50 rupees.

Go all the way up to the top of the tower and talk to Talo; he issues you an archery challenge (basically "shoot these three targets at different ranges) that, if you beat it, gets you a Piece of Heart. With all that done, ride north. The postman will drop off some letters for you. Ride to the southeast corner - across the wooden bridge and ride until you find some rocks. Blow them up with your new bombs to clear that path for later. Go north across the big bridge and blow up the rocks on the other side with your bombs.

The Twilight Monsters will steal the Bridge of Eldin like they did to that other bridge. If you can kill all three - count your hits carefully and then spin attack 2 or 3 of them - then you open that portal up. Ride north, past the rocks you exploded (you can blow up the rock near the bridge for some money) and walk into the twilight.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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