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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Frozen Zoras

Ride forward and pick up Ilia's scent. Follow it southeast, then south and west into Hyrule Castle Town, currently full of spirits. Follow the scent through the town, or just head south down to the bar. Turn on your wolf sense and go listen to Ilia. Look at the map in the back room to see your course to get to Lake Hylia. Go back out of the bar. You can't go directly south because that line of people is blocking you, so head out the eastern gate. Go east when you reach the field, down the little rocky path. Go down the path until you see the Great Bridge of Hylia. Try to cross, but it's covered in oil. After it gets lit on fire, push one of the blocks towards the wall - next to the flat part where you can climb up. Climb up the box and then the flat part of the wall and jump off. You'll land in the little bit of water left in Lake Hylia. Go to the house and listen to the colorfully clad guy. When he's done, go towards the monster he saw. It will use the "hawk grass" to call one of those twilight birds. Wait until he swoops down, then bite him (use the A button to launch yourself, then press A more to bite). Do this until he falls off the bird, then kill him.

Midna takes control of the bird. You have to steer him through the tunnel to get upstream. Dodge the arrows and remember that the bird is really clumsy and doesn't turn easily. When you reach the giant rock wall, go up over it. Use dash to get by the archers or they'll shoot you down. When the rock pillars start falling, dash out of their way. When you reach the other end, there is a howling stone on the other side of the river, but you can't get to it yet. Jump down into the riverbed and head east. Midna-jump up the icy waterfall. When a falling chunk of ice blocks your path, spin-attack it to destroy it. On the second set of Midna-jumps, when you see the icicle, wait for it to fall before you jump. When you reach the top, head north. In the throne room, there's a portal fight. Again, kill the lone one first, then get the other two at the same time. After you beat them, look down into the ice. All the Zoras are frozen in there.

Use the portals to teleport to Death Mountain, then go look at that giant chunk of volcanic rock that fell down. Teleport it to Zora's domain. All the Zoras will be freed. Try to leave the throne room to the south and a Zora spirit thanks you for freeing her people (the music that accompanies her is the Serenade of Water from Ocarina of Time). She was the queen, Rutela, who sent Ralis (the Zora boy in the bar) to Hyrule Castle. She offers you the ability to swim and breathe underwater as though you were a Zora in exchange for protecting him. Head south. Let the water carry you southwards back to the lake. You'll be at the shrine. Head in for another vessel of light. Exit and follow the walkway up to the first bug. Kill it and get its tear. Keep going along the walkway and there'll be a portal fight with one enemy by itself and two near each other but with a wall in between them. Kill the lone enemy and lure the other two to the corner of their shared wall so that you can hit them both. Move on and Midna points out some hawk grass. Go onto the house thing (now floating) and kill the bug on the back. Don't worry if you hit it into the water, the tear will float up to reach you. Go back to the portal fight island and head south, up the ramp next to the walkway you came up. Jump across the rock islands. Turn right and go up the ramp. Kill the bug up top.

Jump down and swim west to the island-thing next to the river. Kill the bug there. There is some hawk grass there. Howl the song and prepare to go upriver again. There are four bugs here. Get behind them and hit dash to smash into them. They'll follow you, so if they get behind you turn to the right or left a little to let them get ahead. You'll get dropped at the same place as before. If you miss any, go back downriver and try again. Talk to the lady on the steps to get another bug and kill it. Cross the river to get to the howling stone. Play the song (this time it's the Requiem of Spirit from Ocarina of Time). The wolf will be waiting outside of Hyrule Castle, to the east. Head east and listen to the Zora, who head downstream. Go east into the lower waterfall area. Go up on the lilypads in the center of the lake to get two more bugs. Go onto the outcropping on the west side for another (there is a low section and a ramp to get up). Go up for a chest with ten rupees in it. Go over to the eastern side and Midna-jump up. When you cross to the western side of the river, there's a chest with 20 rupees. Double back and keep heading up. At some point, you'll be pointing south.

Follow the trail of rupees to the pillar-laden balcony thing. There's a bug in there. Use the portal to teleport to the throne room. Bash the wall near the dot in the southeast of the throne room and attack the bug when it comes down. Head south to the lodge and the howling stone. Break out of the current and head southeast, rather than southwest. Head south from Hyrule Field to the castle town. There is a portal fight in front of the gate. This one is a simple all-three-at-the-same-time fight, so just herd them all together and get them. Go into town and head to the bar. Break the boxes in front open and get the tear. That should be all of them, so Midna wonders where the last one is. Teleport to Lake Hylia. Swim out to the debris and begin the fight for the last tear. Turn your wolf sense on and you will see the big mother bug thing. When it's not electrified, jump on it with the A button and attack it with more presses of the A button. It'll swim in the water after you hit it, so jump from piece to piece to avoid it. Move out of the way when it lunges and then, when it's not electric, attack again. When it lays on its back in the water, use Midna's charge-up attack to get all the legs at once. Collect the last tear and you will be teleported to the spring. Lanayru says the last temple is on the lakebed, and then gives you a weird little slideshow about history and why there is a twilight realm. You can't swim well now, so you can't get to the temple. In Lake Hylia, in the southeast, there is a howling stone that requires a ladder to get to. We couldn't get to it when we were a wolf (because of the ladder), so we'll need something else before we can howl at that stone. Go talk to Fyer - the guy at the weird house - and he'll blast you up out of the lake for ten rupees. Leave the house and head toward Hyrule Castle. When the road forks north of the lake, go east and blow up the rocks with your bombs. This is basically a long path to get to North Hyrule Field. Go back and head towards the castle. When you get to the gate, go to the right and climb the ivy to reach the Golden Wolf. He teaches you the Back Slice, which is pretty useful against a lot of enemies.

Head into town, and you will be stopped by the postman. Barnes has water bombs now, so go pick some up when you get to Kakariko next time. In the town, there are a couple things for you to do. Go to Agitha's Bug Palace (southeast-most building) to drop off any golden bugs you may have found for cash prizes. The first one you get her nets you a Big Wallet with a 600-rupee storage limit. Next to her is the fortune teller, who guides you forward in the story and also toward pieces of heart. You shouldn't need her, since you have this guide, after all. A little to the north and west is an abandoned house with a Poe in it. Kill it and you will be given your "go kill all the poes" fetch quest; keep it in mind for later. For now, head to the bar. A doctor storms out, and Ilia doesn't recognize you. The girls need to go to Kakariko Village, and the guards say that they will help but then chicken out. You have to escort them and their carriage out to Kakariko Village. You scout out the area and see King Bulblin. Now you're escorting them proper - if you've got any bombs left, combine those with your arrows. You won't be needing regular bombs when you reach Kakariko and you'll just have to replace them there anyways. When you reach the bridge, shoot King Bulblin instead of trying to slice him. It seemed like the bomb arrows worked better, but with them you knock him off in two hits. You get the gate keys. Go forward and there are archers. If they hit the wagon, throw the gale boomerang at it to put out the fires. When you reach the gate, dismount and open it, then get back on quickly. During this whole thing, you can ride through the grass to replenish your arrows. In this part, the birds will drop bombs on the caravan and the riders will attack them from behind. If the birds drop the bomb, then the cart horse will panic and go off the road. You need to shoot the bird before it drops the bomb or you'll get stuck in an endless loop. It's a little annoying, but just don't let the wagon ahead of you and just shoot any bird that comes near. The birds are more important than the riders are at this point. The boomerang also works well against them, as it will detonate the bombs on the birds (saving you arrows). The birds keep attacking until the end, so don't think it's just that one field and get careless.

When you reach Kakariko, open the gate and let the wagon through, then follow it. The shaman was able to heal most of the Prince's sickness. The bar lady introduces herself (her name is Telma, her cat's name is Louise. Do you get the joke?) and says she is a member of a group working to protect Hyrule. When she leaves, the Queen shows up. Follow her towards the graveyard. While you're there, light the lanterns to the right of the stairs for 50 rupees. Go up the stairs and the stone glows and disappears. Crawl through the hole. Swim across the pond and you're given the Zora Armor. It lets you swim really well, but takes double damage from fire and ice. Now you're free again. Head to Malo's shop to buy the Hawkeye for 100 rupees. This will let you look farther and also zoom with your bow. Go buy water bombs from Barnes (sell your old ones at the counter next to him first). The water bombs are thirty rupees for 5, but get as many as you can. When you're done, call your horse using the reeds near the fountain and head south.

If you go back to Hyrule Castle now and enter the bar, you can see the Group Telma was talking about, though they think you're an imposter or a fan. Head to Lake Hylia and go to that house that you landed in when the cannon shot you up. Talk to the guy on the lower level to buy a ride down for 20 rupees. The higher you land on the island, the better a prize you get. If you land on the top, you can jump to the lower levels and claim the prize on each. Now that you're down, equip your Zora armor and your iron boots and drop down to the lakebed near the purple starburst that indicates the temple. At the entrance, there is a vent and above it there is a rock. Put a water bomb on the vent and it will increase the flow. Put another one on it and it will carry it up to the rock, granting you entrance. De-equip your boots and swim inside.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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