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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Mirror Chamber

Warp back to the mirror chamber and walk forward. The pieces of the mirror are restored to their position and the portal is re-opened. The sages talk to you and call Midna the Twilight Princess. She says she used to be the ruler of the Twilight Realm until Zant took over and turned her into her current stunted form. The helmet on her head is one of the Fused Shadows, which is how she knew about getting the other ones. Midna has a lot of creepy smiles in this scene. When the scene's over, step onto the lighted place in front of the mirror to make a staircase. Go to the end to teleport to the Twilight Realm. Midna stays as your shadow out of shame. Go forward and the inhabitants of the realm are transmuted into those twilight monsters you've been fighting earlier - they're green, which seems to indicate that they're not going to fight you. Head east and go into the door.

There's a new enemy here - the Giant Floating Zant Head. Use the shield bash to reflect its attack, then, when it's stunned, slash it. Do this until it dies, then open the chest that appears for a small key. Use the clawshot on the point to the left or right of the chest, then use it again on the ones above it. Go through the door. This room is full of dark fog. Go into the fog and you'll turn into a wolf. Use wolf sense so that you can see, then attack the floating head (jump at it a lot). When it dies, go to the chests. The chest in the south of the room has a compass. The chest in the north has a key. Use the clawshot to go up to the north and proceed. The door closes behind you. Now there is an ominous-looking hand covering an orb of light. Walk forward and a Zant Hologram thing appears. It will summon monsters. Wait until he starts throwing one of those big balls of summoning energy and then strike - otherwise, he'll teleport away. He'll summon bats, plants, and those little octopus things that you see around in the twilight realm that don't seem to have a counterpart. Be quick - he'll teleport around a lot even when you're not near him - and use jump attacks to strike at him. When he dies, he covers the center of the room in those dark crystals. Go to the hand and you'll see a "Sol" - the glowing orb that illuminates the Twilight Realm. Hit the hand and it will drop the Sol. Pick up the Sol and run south to the exit. You won't get very far before the hand turns red and comes after you. The hand will try to grab the Sol - noticable by the dramatic music that comes on when it's near. If it grabs it, hit it with the clawshot or 3 arrows before it gets away or it'll bring it back to the starting point. Hitting it enough (three hoookshots) will stun it, too, so you can slow it down even when it doesn't have the Sol.

Walk into the fog and the Sol will clear it away. Put the Sol into the round indentation and some stairs will rise. Go to the top of the stairs onto solid ground and use the clawshot to grab the Sol. When it leaves its spot the stairs will drop. Go into the next room. The hand will follow you. Go into the shadowy part and place the Sol in the center. Roll onto the stairs before they rise to get a boost. Hit the hand if it gets near the Sol - try to stun it so that it hangs limply - and run up the stairs to solid ground. Use the clawshot to pull the Sol up with you. Run along, throwing the Sol up the stairs and chasing after it, and then jump down to the door. Take the Sol straight south out of the room. The Twili near the door - and any you roll the Sol near - will be transformed by the Sol's light. Put the Sol in one of the two slots in the center of the area. A platform to the left will light up. Go on it for the next area. Ride it over and go in the door.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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