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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Zant Heads

Use the clawshot on the point in the ceiling. Lower yourself down to the platform. Jump onto the solid ground between the two orbs (these do nothing). When you do, a Zant Head will appear on the other side of the gap. Jump across the platforms - use the shield bash to reflect the blasts if they get close - and finish him. When you do, a chest will appear with a small key. The other chest contains 50 rupees. Head north. This room has a sudden drop an da lot of mist. In the mist you can see some of those twilight monster things. Go into the mist, get transformed into a dog, and defeat the enemies. Go through the mist and a floating Zant Head appears. Defeat that and three more appear in the mist. Dodge their shots and use the wolf's jump attack to get them. When you do so, a chest will appear. Go north out of the fog. Use the clawshot on the point near the door to get up. Don't drop down from it; look back into the room and clawshot up to the points on the ceiling. Now use these points to get into the little nooks on the sides of the room. The chests contain 50 rupees, another 50 rupees, a dungeon map, and a small key.

Clawshot your way back north and open the locked door. Inside is another fight against holo-Zant. It's nice to see that Link actually tries to attack him this time instead of standing around while Zant summons his minions. Anyways, Zant throws five energy balls this time. You can reflect those with the shield bash. He also summons things after a while, too. One of the new things he summons is those Twilight Monsters that you fight to get the portals, but these ones don't screech to revive each other. Hit him enough and he explodes into dark crystal fog again. Get the Sol and immediately stun the hand with 3 clawshot hits. Carry it into the fog, put it in the button, go to the top of the stairs, and use the clawshot to retrieve it. Go south. Put the Sol in the spot in the middle. The cinematic will show the floor rising up like normal. But you can't reach any of the things when they rise up. Pick up the Sol to lower the floor again, then put it back and quickly roll to the southwest. Go south to solid ground and retrieve the Sol with the clawshot. Jump down to the south. Jump across the platforms (this is a good place to stun the hand if you are having trouble) and carry it between those two orbs from earlier. Let the orbs warm up and they will make a new platform to carry you upwards. If you fall at any point, head back to the entrance with the Sol and warm up the orb to carry you back up to the beginning. From the two orbs, you're carried up and over to the door. Jump down and go through and you're home free. Take the lift back to the main area and put the Sol next to the other one. They infuse the Master Sword with their power.

Now you can cut through the shadow crystals. With this in mind, we can advance. We can use the Sol's power in the sword to cut through the fog without having the giant hand chasing us. There are a few rules about this: you have to have the sword drawn, and with it only drawn you only repel a little bit of fog. Use the spin attack or great spin to disperse a lot of fog. Before we go forward, there are a few more chests we can get. Head to the right side. Go to the long hallway marked on your map in the first room. Clear away the shadow with the spin attack, then hookshot up to the chest to get a Piece of Heart. In the second room, go to the north side and use the hookshot on the northwest wall. Then use it on the ceiling above the west side. Drop down for a chest with 100 rupees. Hookshot to the north side and stand in the middle of the raised area and a platform will appear to carry you up to the east side, since you don't have a Sol to get out like last time. Jump onto the east side raised area and follow it south to the door to get out.

Go back south to the center area. Head back to the west side. In the first room on the west side, there are platforms in the fog next to the chest (which should be marked on your map, if you got the compass). Stand on the platform and when it rises quickly jump over to the nook the treasure is held in. It will be a close call, but if you can get a hand on the edge you should be fine to move toward the center and pull yourself up. The chests contain 50 rupees and a piece of heart. To get back up, use the hookshot points on the walls and then on the ceiling. Lower yourself to the moving platform and drop onto it, then use the spin attack to hit both of the orbs on the stationary platform. The resulting moving platform will carry you back south.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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