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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
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Head back to the center and go north. Kill the birds, then cut through the waterfall of fog with a spin attack. Jump over the gap and go north. Clear the fog away and grab the Sols. Place them in the two outlets hidden by the fog. These Sols don't have grabby hands attached to them, nor do they clear away fog by themselves. Climb up the stairs and strike the orb. Ride the platform west. Kill all the Zant Heads on the platform. They fall in one hit to your upgraded sword. In fact, all Twilight Creatures fall in one hit to your sword now, so take advantage of that. Get the chest for a small key, then use a spin attack to hit all three orbs at the same time. Ride the platform over to the locked door and go through. Go to the east central area and hit the orb for a platform. Ride it to the southwest. Kill the Zant Head and three more will appear in the center. Hit the two orbs at the same time with a spin attack and ride the lift back. Kill the three and one more will appear. Kill THAT one and two more will appear.

Finally, after that, the chest with the small key will appear. Don't go forward just yet. The west side of this area is barricaded by a fog waterfall. Cut through it with a spin attack, then use the clawshots to ascend (right left right left up) to the boss key. Go through the door to the northwest. Walk forward and there's a fight. You can kill all the Twilight Monsters with one spin attack because they'll cluster around you. Go forward, cutting through the fog, and light all four orbs with a spin attack. The platform will go up. Jump to the east platform, which will take you forward to 2 platforms. Take the right one and, when it goes up, use the clawshot on the point on the east wall. Take the platform next to it to go across. Clawshot onto the west side. Kill the Zant Head. Another one will appear above you on the other side. Use the clawshot on the hanging point on the ceiling. Lower yourself down to the moving platform and ride it across. At the end of the platform's path, use the clawshot on the west wall point. Kill the second Zant Head and a chest with a key will appear. A new platform will appear in front of the moving one you took to get there. Ride it up and use the key on the door. Go forward, cutting through the fog, and kill all the Twilight Monsters that you see. It won't be hard; they don't revive themselves and your sword, again, cuts through them in one slice. After you've beaten them all, go forward and open the boss door.

Go forward and face Zant. He starts jumping around. He tells you of the "God" that he found after being denied the right to rule the Twili. That God is Ganondorf, who was cast into the Twilight Realm. Now you fight Zant, the Usurper King. He teleports you to the boss chamber from the forest temple. His main attack is a machine gun attack with dark orbs. These can be blocked, but not reflected. Z-Target onto him and throw the boomerang at him (the temple's treasure); he'll be knocked down and you can slash him with your sword. He'll go back up and use shorter, quicker bursts of machine gun blasts. Hit him with the boomerang and slash him again. You'll be transported to the mini-boss chamber from the Goron Mines (not the boss chamber, which had the pillars). Equip the iron boots when he starts shaking the chamber. When he switches to machine guns, block them and then run and slash at him (he'll be tired out after he shoots). Hit him enough and he'll transport you again, this time to the water boss chamber. Equip the Zora armor. A giant Zant head will appear out of the ground. Equip the Iron boots and drop down to its mouth. When the mouth opens, block the shots that Zant fires at you and when he is done use the clawshot and grab him. Slash him after he is pulled out. He'll go back inside and the head will lower. Four heads will rise up. Go to the center of the arena and spin the camera around to watch all four.

Walk toward Zant when he reveals himself and shoots at you, then use the clawshot on him when he's done. Slash him some more. Now he'll transport you to the mini-boss chamber from the forest temple. De-equip the iron boots and the Zora armor. Chase Zant around until he starts firing at you. When he does, roll into the pillar he's standing on twice and then slash him when he falls. Do this enough and he'll transport you to the boss chamber from Snowpeak. He'll turn giant. Like in the real Snowpeak boss fight, use the mirrored floor to watch when he's going to drop on you. When he does, dodge him and use the Ball and Chain on his foot. He'll shrink down and hop around; chase after him and slash him. Hit him enough and he'll transport you to the south gate of Hyrule Castle Town. He'll look panicked, then pull out two blades from his robe sleeves. Don't attack him from the front. He'll do a wild series of swings. Use the backslice when he does this. He'll switch to a giant tornado spinning attack. Block him until he tires out, then attack him a lot. Stay away from the walls during this phase, because they hurt if he bashes you against them. After this, he'll throw a tantrum and come at you again with a series of chopping attacks and tornado spins - both quicker than before. Use the same strategies as before. Hit him enough and he'll finally fall. Back in the Twilight realm, Midna will get the fused shadows back, but not change shape. Zant says that Ganon was the one who placed the curse, which is why she hasn't changed shape and gained her power back. Ganon's been revived in the light realm, also. Zant says he can't die as long as Ganon lives. Midna spears him with her hair and he explodes. Go collect the heart container, then teleport out of there. Head back to the twilight mirror teleport and go back to the light realm.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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