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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Exploring the Dungeon

There is a save point again. Now you are in a dungeon, shackled to the floor. Move around your cell for a bit and Midna will appear. She taunts you and then breaks your chain. Press A to slam into the box, then press the down arrow to dig under the dirt it obscured. She jumps on your back. Go into the next cell, Z-target the ring on the ceiling, then press A to jump on it and pull. Go through the hatch. There is a spirit flame; press left or right to activate your wolf sense and see that it is a guard. Wolf sense is a sort of "thermal vision" for spirits - you can't see as well as you can normally, but you can see things you couldn't see otherwise. Go down the corridor and jump right. Pull the chain and there will be a box with a rupee in it. Not much, but it's something. Go back to the main corridor and jump to the broken-open gate. Go forward and there's another pull-chain gate with an enemy in the tunnel.

Go forward and to your left and pull the chain to release the water. Swim over the spiked pit (there's another pull-chain to the left with another enemy in it, if you want). There's another ghost soldier up ahead who mentions black things (the enemies you've been killing). Take a left and Midna will leave your back. To the north is another sluice gate that will lower the water level and another soldier. To the east is a tunnel opened by a pull-chain; there's a box at the end. Go into the tunnel on the ground floor to the left of the grate. In the cavern, there's another soldier and some shiny spots; dig at those (now and later in the game as well) to uncover rupees and hearts. Keep going and rejoin Midna. Go forward, up the spiral staircase. You'll miss the first jump. Go back up and Midna will make waypoints, essentially, for you to jump to (press the up button when signalled to do so, then hold Z and press A repeatedly).

When you reach the tightrope, go across to smash some skulls for rupees and hearts. Continue up the staircase. When you reach the top, Z-Target the bats and press A to jump at them and pull them down. Stand on the rubble, then use Midna's targeting to jump up to the doorway above. Once on the ramparts, walk forward. Midna tells you that the guards can't see you, but they can see the monsters. Go left and climb onto the crate, then jump across the gap. The birds are a pest; you have to hit them twice for them to die. Go forward onto the wooden scaffolding to the right, then Midna-jump across the gap. Run along the top of the roof (you will slip if you go on the side) and enter the tower.

Go up the stairs and enter the room (notice that, like you, the cloaked figure isn't all glowy or spirit-flame shaped). The cloaked figure explains the situation. She is Princess Zelda, and she chose to surrender Hyrule rather than have its inhabitants die. Now Hyrule is covered by a shroud of twilight, and its inhabitants are spirits. Leave the room and go down the stairs. Midna teleports you back to the spring of Ordon.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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