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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Meeting Midna

You enter through the portal put there before, but now it's green instead of red. Leave the spring and Midna reveals herself as your shadow. Go south, toward your house. There will be bulblins (the green orc things) along the way. Defeat the enemies and head south; the squirrel you see near your house will talk to you and say that the animals will help you. The humans, however, are afraid of you. Cross the small bridge to the pumpkin patch. The two guys will be whispering; go into the grass and sneak up close to hear them (Z-Target and press A to listen). They'll run away when they're done.

The light goes on near the other pumpkin patch, and a guy sees you. He sics the hawk on you. You can't jump up on the waterwheel while he's there. Go to the shop and the cat will approach you. She says you should attack him from behind; go onto the rock near the shop (facing the roof) and Midna-jump onto the roof. Then jump over to him. He'll panic and flee, leaving you free to jump over to the waterwheel and up to the roof. Jump down, go onto the table in the center of the room, and Midna-jump to the raised part. Ram against the wall under the shield to knock it down. Climb out the window and Rusl - the swordsman - will notice you.

Approach his house, but hide until he leaves or he will attack you. Go around the side of his house (stay away from the light, both his torch and the one near his wife) and use your wolf sense. Behind the lumber, there is a place to dig. Use it to enter the house and get the sword. Leave the same way you came in and head back north, towards the Faron woods. You will be stopped by a mysterious spirit, the spirit of the Ordon spring. The portal will open and an enemy will drop out; defeat it and the portal will turn green.

Then the lake will glow and reveal the Ordon spirit. He says to rescue the Faron Woods light spirit to regain your original form. Head across the bridge into the twilight realm. Go forward and there is another Portal fight. Attempt to fight the enemies on your own for a while; they bring each other back to life. Midna teaches you a technique to take out all three at the same time. Go forward and check the glowing orbs at the Faron spring.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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