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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Bug Catching

Now we have our first collection quest - catching the darkness bugs that are scattered around the area. The first two are in the tunnel ahead. There are two more at the intersection that go through the gate. Leave them for now and go left to the clearing. On the southern edge there is a ramp leading to the house. Midna-jump your way in. Listen to the lantern guy and the two bugs will appear. Kill them, collect their light energy, and leave the way you came in. There is a bug on the north side of the house, as well. Find him, jump at him (he is on the wall) and scare him down. Then attack him to get his energy.

Go back to the intersection, dig to the left of the gate, and get those two bugs. There are no bugs in the tunnel, so use your wolfsense near the lantern and dig to the other side of it. In the woods proper, there is a poisonous miasma covering the lower part of the woods. Look to your left for two more bugs (remember the wolf sense). To the left of the dock is a Midna-jump trail. Kill three more bugs, then Midna-jump onwards. Go as fast as you can past the biting plant things. Time your jump carefully with the swinging thing. When you reach the shore, turn your wolfsense on and dig where you see the bug shadows. Get them both. Go forward and there is another Portal fight. There is also a bridge of some kind leaning on the wall; remember this for later. Go forward and that monkey will be scared by the last two bugs. Kill them and rescue her. Collecting the last two drops will automatically return the light to the area.

The Faron springs spirit will thank you and return you to human form, now in the garb of a warrior. Now you have a sword and shield. Go talk to the lantern guy and he will give you the key to the gate. If you have over 100 rupees, buy the bottle of lantern oil when he offers it. Now you have two bottles. Go open the gate and proceed onwards. Go through the tunnel and into the open woods. The misty stuff is still there. Walk forward with your lantern equipped; the monkey from before will take it and use it to clear away some of the fog. Follow her and defend her and you will get to the entrance of the forest temple pass thing. Don't forget to pick up your lantern (now out of oil). You can refill it at the shop up ahead, or just use the bottle you bought before.

Go forward and there will be a golden wolf; it will attack you, but you will be brought to a dream-like world fighting against a skeletal knight. Attack him and he will bat you away. He says you need more power, and teaches you the Ending Blow. Now, when you knock an enemy down, press "A" to finish it off. He says to look for statues that howl with the sound of the wind; these will become important when you are a wolf. In the real world, go forward a little and look to the left (past the stump) for a chest with 10 rupees. Go up the winding path and burn the web at the top to gain access to the forest temple.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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