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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Final Dungeon

This dungeon is the very last one, so go do anything you have to do before you do this. Check to make sure you're upgraded in all the ways that you can be. Go into Hyrule Castle Town and head north. Midna will use the fused shadows to break throgh the barrier around the castle. If you save now, you can run around the countryside and the giant barrier won't be in the background, which is the closest you will get in this game to a completely Twilight-free world. For now, walk forward and push the gate open. Go to the right and you will be encircled by a barrier. Kill all the bokoblins, who are stronger and armed with cleavers now. Head east. Another barrier will appear. More bokoblins will come out. When you've beaten them, head northeast. Go north and pull the chain near the gate. Walk through. Head onto the arena. A barrier will appear. King Bulbin will challenge you again. Use the backslice on him, then just keep slashing and slashing when he's down. He doesn't have a lot of moves - he bashes you to knock you back or uses the axe to slash at you.

When you beat him, he gives you the key and leaves amiably. To the north of the arena is a chest with 20 rupees. Look on the map and in the wall between the north and south there is a little nook on the north side. Go to it - it's next to a torch on the wall - and go up the stairs. Go over to the west and jump down the open space in the wall and land on the lower section. To the west is a chest with 20 rupees. Head back to the front room. Now that you have a key, you can go north into the castle, but for now head to the west. There's another barrier and another bokoblin fight. Beat them and go through the door. Shoot the bulblins off of their towers (I guess their boss didn't tell them he was leaving) and kill the bokoblins. Go north up the left side and go around to the right and find some of those big boar things. Get on one and smash through the fences. Head up and around to the north, smashing the fences blocking you from going west. When you reach the pillars with the propellers on them, turn into a wolf. Go north in front of the door and move around on the leaves or dig on them to push them aside. They show the right path to use the propellers. You need to make a lightning bolt shape - from the top to the middle-left to the middle-right to the lower-middle. Stand in the middle of the Triforce of pillars and throw the boomerang as shown.

Go through the now-open door to get the dungeon map. To the right of it is a ladder. Climb up it and follow the wall all the way to the end for 10 rupees. Go back to the Triforce pillars. There is another bunch of leaves to the middle-west of them. Turn into a wolf and dig at the shiny spot illuminated by your wolf sense. This brings you to the Hyrule Castle Graveyard. Head north and check the graves near the door. Go to the northernmost tree and use your wolfsense. There will be a big circle of dead Hylian soldiers. Turn back into a human and bomb the rock they are circling. Step on the switch it reveals. That's the "cursed swordsman sleeps beneath the tree" hint from the gravestone. Go west into the room that was opened. Open the chests for a red rupee (20), a green rupee (1), and an orange rupee (100). There's also a lantern oil thing. Light the torch near it to stop the rain. As soon as you light it, run across to the east and light the two torches in front of the barred door. Use the Rod of Dominion to pull out the two owl statues. That's the "statues of time" hint from the other gravestone.

The hint inside this room is "doors open where specters gaze", which will be true inside of the castle. Take the owls and move them south. Place them in the indentations in the ground, then climb up on the left side. Jump across their tops. Pull the chain to open the gate and grab the small key out of the chest. Jump down and go to the leaves in the south area. Dig through as a wolf to get back to the last area. Head south and get on the pig. Ride the pig back to the door to the center area and head north from there.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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