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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Final Dungeon

Unlock the first door with the small key. Walk forward and there's a barrier and another bokoblin fight. After the first wave, Lizardmen come in. Beat them, and the hall lights up. A chest appears on a remote balcony. To the west are some stairs. Go up them and then look forward and up. Clawshot up to the chandelier. Drop down to the chest and get the compass. Look to the east and there are some more chandeliers. Clawshot over to the closer one and use it to reach the one over the next balcony. Go north through the door. There is a fight against one of those armored knights - the same as the miniboss from the Temple of Time. Beat him like the last one - use the backslice and attack when he raises his sword to strike at you. When his armor comes off, use the backslice or the jump attack to break his guard, then slash him. There are three lanterns in this room and one lantern oil refill pot. Note the part of the floor that's raised - the one that's raised only on one side. Light all the lanterns to raise the floor and climb up to that part. Then use the wind boomerang to douse the lantern on the east side. Quickly turn around and jump onto the platform behind you as it rises up. If you miss, go re-light that lantern, climb back up, and try again. Open the chest to get 50 rupees.

Now we have two paths. To the east is a blue carpet; to the west is a red one. Let's go west first. There are four lanterns ahead. You have to light them quickly and in the right order. Go to the barred door at the end and face the lanterns. First light the one closer to your right. Then go farther to your left. Then go farther to your right. Then come closer to your left. That will open the gate. I don't think there was any diagram listing the right path, so it's mostly just trial-and-error. The next room holds two armored lizardmen - much easier than those knights on the blue path. Go out into the center room and press the button on the balcony to lower one of the chandeliers. Now it is within clawshot range of the floor. Go back to the room with the armored knight from before. Head east this time. Go through the door. You can shoot the two lizardmen with your bow without them ever even noticing you - they'll get down and just get back up until they die. It'll take ten arrows on each, though, so it may just be easier to kill them. Turn into a wolf and you'll see those dead Hylian soldier ghosts pointing at a painting. Use your bow to sever the rope holding it up to uncover a switch. Shoot the switch.

Head south through the dor and there's two of those armored knights - this time with maces, which doesn't change much in their fighting style. They are difficult to fight because they cover each other, so focus on one until it is dead. After you kill one the fight becomes way easier. Killing them both opens the doors. Go to the internal door first and get the chest with 50 rupees, then step on the button to make another chest appear in the same room. Jump down and use the clawshot on the lower eastern chandelier, then go from that chandelier to the one above the chest you just made appear. Open the chest for a silver rupee (worth 200). Now that you are down on the ground floor I will remind you that you can go back out of the dungeon at any point - for example, to donate money to Malo or if you've done so already to buy the magic armor. If you've already bought the magic armor, then those 200 rupees will buy you a pretty good chunk of invulnerability time. Work your way back up to the room where you fought the Iron Knuckle and follow either of the paths to the end. Take the door out to the courtyard. The west tower has a fight with one of those flying lizardmen. Use the clawshot when he raises his shield and slash him when he's down. There's a chest with a small key. The east tower holds the boss key, but you are swarmed by enemies. You are saved by the Group. Auru has a bazooka. That doesn't seem fair, somehow. Go forward and get the Big Key.

Head to the area between the two towers and go north into the castle. Turn into a wolf immediately. Kill the ghost rats, then follow the ghosts' pointing fingers to the other side. Jump from stair to stair as a wolf - use a dash to reach the last one. Kill the two lizardmen. On the next staircase, use the clawshots on the light sources to go forward. Kill two more lizardmen. Use the spinner and jump from side to side to avoid the spinning traps. At the end is a golden-clad knight. Kill him like the other armored knights. The big key door is here, but there's also a small key door as well. If you went through the whole graveyard thing, you should have an extra small key. Use it to open that door. Inside this door are a huge number of treasure chests. They contain the following: 1 rupee, 5 rupees, 10 rupees, 20 rupees, 20 bombs (x 2), 20 arrows, 30 arrows, 50 rupees, 10 bomblings, 200 rupees, 50 seeds, and 100 rupees. There's also a jar with a fairy in it next to the armor. Make sure you are completely ready, save the game, and go through the boss door. Go up the stairs into the chapel/throne room, which darkens as you get near it.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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