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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda is trapped, unconscious, between the Triforce. Ganondorf is sitting triumphantly on the throne. He is carrying the sword that he was stabbed with by the sages. He shows his Triforce mark, which solidifies on his glove. He enters Zelda's body. Link is trapped in the room, with Midna knocked outside. Now you fight possessed Zelda. She has three attacks: a giant triangular energy field on the ground (use Z and A to jump and roll out of it), a charge (again, just dodge out of the way), and a giant energy ball that you must bounce back with your sword (not the shield bash). Hit it three times and Zelda will be shocked by it. After this, Zelda's charge attack will be longer (she will follow you, forcing you to dodge a couple times instead of just once), the triangular energy field attack may change shape, so you have less directions to dodge to, and to hit her with her energy ball you'll need to bounce it back ten times. Get some distance between you and her for the bounce part, so you have time to react to it and also time to swing. After that, wait for her to throw the energy ball again and this time you only have to bounce it back 8 times. Midna will use the fused shadow to force Ganon out of Zelda.

Now you fight Ganon in his dark beast body. You need to turn into your wolf form to fight him (they are both alternate forms created by the twilight realm influencing a Triforce user, I guess? Either way, they're the same kind of thing for both of you). He'll rampage around, eventually going into a portal. Some other portals will shimmer - watch for them. The one that stays lit and turn blue is the one that he is coming out of. Stand directly in front of it, press A when he gets close to grab him with Midna's hand-hair, and then tap left and right repeatedly to throw him. When he's thrown, target his stomach wound and press and tap A to jump at it. The second time, the portals are a little farther apart when they appear. In the third run, he'll appear above you - watch for the shadow or else he'll flatten you. The fourth time will be normal. Same for the fifth. The sixth time, he will appear and disappear extremely quickly, so stay out of his way until he makes a portal right in front of you. Jump and bite him and Ganon will go down. Midna's glowy essence will go back to Zelda and she will awaken. Ganondorf will reappear as that giant cloud essence from when he contacted Zant. Midna will teleport Link and Zelda out and use the fused shadows to fight Ganon's essence. Link and Zelda are out on the field, and Ganondorf appears on a black horse holding Midna's helmet. He crumbles it up and charges at Link and Zelda.

Zelda asks the light spirits for help and they give her the Light Arrows. Now you're on your horse, with Zelda on the back with the Light Arrows. Chase behind Ganondorf - stay locked onto him and use the dash to keep close to him. Don't get too close or he'll attack you and knock you off your horse. After Zelda hits him, he'll be stunned and you can slash him with your sword or use a spin attack. After the first hit, he'll start summoning those ghost horsemen. Dodge them when they charge at you - there's always a break in their pattern - and keep up with Ganondorf. He may turn and ride towards you, and if he does so gallop and dodge away from him. If he is following you, turn and slam on the brakes, so to speak. He'll keep going and you can pursue him again. Hit him until he goes down (I had four times). His horse will be destroyed, so now you have to fight him on foot. He will create a barrier around you both. He'll charge at you first with both hands on the hilt of his sword - do a jump attack when he gets close to "chance". Mash the A button in this mode to knock him off balance and then hit him. Other than that, you have to hit him when he's attacking you or otherwise off balance. One trick for that is if you use the fishing rod and cast it past him, he will look at it and you can hit him then. This only seems to work once, though. Other than that, just hit him when he attacks you and use Chance when it comes up. Stay in the center of the ring so you have the maximum amount of movement and dodging. Use the back slice when he swings to dodge and hit him at the same time. He's got a few types of attacks, most of which knock you off balance when they hit. These include a stab, an elbow strike that turns into a slash, a one-two hit combo, and a whirlwind attack. When you inflict enough damage upon him, he'll do a "chance" and if you succeed, you'll be able to hit him a couple times and knock him down.

Use the finishing stab to defeat him. The Triforce disappears from his hand, and Zant appears. Zant either kills Ganondorf, or vice versa, but either way they're both dead. The light spirits appear and Midna is on the ground near them. Link runs to her, and by the time he reaches he she is in her "true" form. The credits roll and wrap up the little sub-stories. Congratulations! You've beaten The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. If you saved before the final fight like I suggested, you can go back and get all the extras now.

Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough

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