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Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough:
Exploring your Village

Ah yes, Zelda games. I am a HUGE fan of Zelda games and am always quite happy when a new one comes out! Sure enough, you're Link. You're actually in the "future" after all of those other games took place. In fact those other games are now the stuff of legends.

You see a story of a "green boy" in the past that defeated evil ... but evil rose again. In your village, boys are clothed in green when they become adults.

OK, you begin! You're on outset island. You've got a cute younger sister. First off, you need to go to your house. I love it that you leave little footprints behind, with the cel-shaded cool animation. The leaves even rustle! Spend time exploring your world. Talk to the guy by the pig to learn how to crouch, but he doesn't want the pig - someone else does. Get some gems from the rocks. Learn to talk to people with targeting commands.

Inside the buildling, an old guy teaches you the famous rolling attack and sword fighting. When you're done, head up the ladder on right to a door. This is the "wise brother" of the swordmaster. There is lots of info on the walls to read.

OK, head home - the house with the ramp. Go up the ladder inside the house to meet Grandma. Get your Green Clothes. Neato, eh? Now you go out to get Aryll.

If you want a fun side-quest, you get a red rupee when you bring a pig to the woman in the fenced area. Yup, another one for another pig. There are 3 total.

OK back to your sis. Go find your sister in the treehouse and get the telescope from her. You see a large bird flying off, and a ship chasing it. The bird drops a girl into the trees. Something to Do!

Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough

Zelda Wind Waker Review

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