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Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough:
Girls and Birds

Now that you're green, go back to the sword guy and train again. When you're done, you get the Hero's Sword. It's always good to have a sword!

Swim out to the little boat, which is Beedle's shop. You can buy things there, such as a bait bag and bait. Be sure to stock up on some.

Now that you have a sword, you can chop down trees which block the way to the forest. But wait just a sec - you spend your time chopping all the trees and grass down? What kind of an anti-environmental message is this? :)

Anyway, head up the path and left. Go across the bridge. Now head into the cave. You see the girl hanging. Take out the monster on the stump - he dies with a cool cloud of smoke like a Chinese drawing! Go up over the rock - birds drop 2 bad guys. Kill them, and the girl wakes up.

A guy comes and calls Miss Tetra. She goes up the mountain, and you follow them. Your younger sister comes out on the bridge. Just to keep things exciting, the big bird grabs her and takes off! You ask to go with the pirate group.

Back in the village, your postman says girls with long ears are being kidnapped everywhere. This bird has a nest in the Forsaken Fortress. Finally the pirates say they will take you with them if you have a shield. Hmmmm, where have you seen a shield around here? First, go talk to the villagers to say goodbye. Then talk to Grandma. Go up and look at the shield on the wall - it's gone! Aha, Grandma gives it to you. Voila, you get the Hero's Shield.

Side note - Orca, the sword trainer, wants knights crests. Keep that in mind for the future.

OK, return to the pirate girl. They take you on the ship.

Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough

Zelda Wind Waker Review

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