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Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough:
Forsaken Fortress

You have a magical stone from the pirate, which lets her help you out a bit. Put on a barrel and sit still any time the lights come over you. Go up to the ramp - do this without the barrel - go up and over to the ladder on the right. Go up to monster and use shield to deflect him. After his weapon rebounds a few times, grab it to kill him. Drop it again.

Now head back down the ramp and onto the brown floor area. Head right to the door. Swing over to the chest - this has the dungeon map. Swing back and go to the other door. out and up the ladder to the left. It's a long ladder. Do the same thing on this monster. Kill him and throw it away.

OK, head back down the ladder. Go right and forward to the door down the hall. Go through the door. Swing across the rope to the ledge. Go in the door. By the box go left - it lets you look around there. You're told you have to go to the tower. Now go forward to the door.

This part requires much patience. Get under a barrel again. Guards sniff and you have to time your actions and stay still while they sniff. If you hear noise, stay still. Watch both guards. Go up the stairs and take it off, then open the door.

OK, go up the stairs. This is an advanced guard with better sensing. Stay down below until he goes towards the barrel and then starts heading away again.

NOTE: If you get caught - go up on the table, then on the shelf, then throw the pot. Go in the hole there. Crawl through tunnel and come out by the map chest. If you fall here - behind barrels is a heart piece.

OK, you finally get past the great guard and go right along the ledge - then another ledge - 2 hearts there. You see your sword and a guard comes after you. Grab your sword and fight him. Kill him and the door opens.

You see lots of girls in a cage. The bird drops in from the ceiling. It grabs you and flies off. He tosses you into the water.

Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough

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