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Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough:
Windfall Island

After you're thrown out of the fortress, you wake up in a boat and it's talking to you. "You are surprisingly dull witted" it says. Turns out this is the King of Red Lions. He says Ganon controls the bird. Unfortunately, the boat has no sail. You're at Windfall Island and your task is to get a sail for the boat.

You meet an old guy whose child Maggie was stolen away. Tott the dancer is on someone's grave. He wants an amazing rhythm. A door nearby is a jail. It's Tingle!! He still thinks you're a fairy. OK, keep exploring.

The eskimo who keeps saying "that" actually has the boat's sail. Upstairs from him is a cafe - here you learn that there are times of day and things change based on the time of day. You find a guy with a yellow hat up the hill. He wants his picto box which was stolen. There's another buildling in which you have to sink 3 squids with 20 shots. It's battleship!

Upstairs is a wind powered ride which needs wind. There's a chu jelly juice shop, which sells potions. You need an empty bottle to get any. There's also a fancy house with a red door - Mila was stolen to the fortress.

You find another guy who gives you a test. He is thinking of perfectly round pale thing. It's a camera quest, it's the moon.

The pig guy wants his pig in 2 minutes - get the pig and get a red rupee (20). Note that the proper pig gives off yellow clouds. In the pig-man house is a bomb seller. Climb ivy behind building - go into hole - in top of bomb shop, throw down pots for money. A guy on the dock tells stories based on the wind direction. Miss Marie wants joy pendants

Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough

Zelda Wind Waker Review

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