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Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough:
Windfall Island: Kids and Tingle

Find the school with the teacher. She wants you to talk to Ivan.

Go back to Ivan and his hoodlum friends. It's a Hide and Seek challenge. They all hide and you have to find them.

First, near the old man who asks about water, find the giant tree by the water. Roll into it. The kid with the brown hat falls out - chase him.

Next, behind the grave the guy is dancing at is the kid with suspenders. He says "Chocobo!" :) :) Roll into him.

The third kid is behind the pig-man's house. That's an easy one.

For the fourth, go up on top of town gate. The black haired kid is up there.

When you get them all, you get piece of heart from the kids. Back to the teacher, and she gives you purple rupee = 50 rupees.

OK on to Tingle. He's one of my favorites!! Smash the pots to find the switch to let him out. You get a Tingle Tuner - it lets you get hints via your GBA . Also you get Tingle's charts. I *love* the Tingle Tuner - if you have a GBA this makes the game REALLY fun to play with a friend.

OK, now go into his cell and pull to reveal an entrance. Go into the holes.

I think this is right but it was hard to keep track. These are Left, Right, and Straight commands. In essence do NOT go onto wood. Always stay on stone and you'll be safe. One path I took was:

l r l r s s s r s s s r

Another path was:

right left straight right left straight right right straight right

In any case, at the end of the path you get the camera!

Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough

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