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Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough:
Dragon Roost Cavern

pull left statue

pull 2nd statue left

go in the hole

kill the 2 monsters

light 2 torches - chest appears.

green brazier - warp spot

small key in chest. only in this dungeon. open door.

bash through next door - now lava room with multiple layers. go path on left - plateau - pull out block - go up and continue on. across to bridge - only fight bats on other side. Now blocw up boulder on other side of 2nd bridge door -

juge of water on lava - make platform to land on. chest - dungeon map

ladder up on left. chu - get jelly. in door. Kill enemy - get sword - hack big door. 3 more chu guys. another. chest by 2 torches - small key.

out door. throw pot at bomb - explode - clear boulder. now door on left - open with key

more chu guys. guy in left with stick - light it on fire - burn block on right. switch - oepns door.

now in door. outside area. cross bridge. kill guy. up ladder. watch for burned part of ladder for flame spurts. bird up there. fight him. golden feather. go along ledge watch flames. around boulder hang on ledge across.

go up stairs. throw bomb at rock - go in door. now dark room. pull leftmost block. now pull it over to th eleft and pull another forwatrd. the top is now clear. Go in the hole.

says to spread bait near rats. pull out block and jump up. chest - compass. get stick in pot. light it on fire and throw it at the stick wall. another chest - key. go to door and open it.

outside again. jump across stairs and nest with bird - kill bird, get key. get feather too. open door.

dark room. light torch. bat scome. now light torch. chest - joy pendant. light stick and burn door. light 2 torches.

top area of lava room on bridge. cross. tingle bomb up here - yello roupee

go ind oor - locked in . bad guy. roll attack on upper area - get joy pendant from pot up on shelf. get sick alnd light torch, light other one. chest. get treasure chart.

now clear out other pots. 2 more enemies. now door opens. go in door. lava area. throw water to shoot up to next area. bomb the rocksd - pot. warp pot. other rock - door. Now you see red dragon throwing a tantrum. up the stone stairs. run u pfast. In door. 2 guards on Medli. Kill them. Then another guard comes. get skull necklace and rescue Medlin. she said someone is hurting Valoo's tail.

Now you have a grappling hook. go up stairs on left. grapple to center point and swing over to other side. grapple again. break wood area and jump down. Graple 3 times in a row across the ledges. door.

joy luck pendant in pot, klil enemies. bridge. chest appears below. burn the bridge and go down tot he center. open chest - joy pendant. through door. go into exact center of cage and cut all 3 ropes at same time. now go to doorway. now onto platforms to ladder.

in big room, grapple on hook - pulls down switch to open door. Now go in door. Use tingle bomb on ledge on opposite side of this room. Swing over to it - get Dragon Tingle Statue.

now swing back, turn to left and swing that way. now go on 3 platformsand swing again. through door. big lava room. zap monster when arms are out then put it on the switch so you can get at the chest. BAig Key in chest.

use hook to go back through platforms. back down to big lava room - go up in cage - then to room and put water on lava spout area. leap on to ride up to ledge. go in door. go back through 3 hook areas.

Go into room then hookshot across. centipede - kill it. chest on right - knight's crest. chest left - yellow rupee. joy necklace in pot on right. fairy in pot on right. grab in bottle.

now go in big door.

see the tail. hookshot at tail - swing - let go. bashes enemy on head. As usual, do that 3 times in a row to remove his armor.

how use L to target eye and za p hook at it and slash it. 2 sets did it for us. You get a heart container. Go into center of room. You are sent back to the entry area. Prince thanks you. He gives you the pearl.

ship - we must sail south

Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough

Zelda Wind Waker Review

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