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Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough:
General Map Notes

4 acr 2 down - merchant island
5 acr 2 down - watchtower - get chest - 2 guys
6 acr 2 down - Dragon Roost Island

tingle's map - 1 3 hs teddy bear

3 3 has tingle island

treasure map has fish in 1 1

you meet fish on water - he says cave on back of roost island - need wings.

5,2 - has little island with blue dome on it. mailbox here.

go back to island - take picture of moon.

go back at night - auction in red-door rich house.

joy pendant - hit A to get top bid. starts 40.

doesn't show clock running, you hammer on A, others bid, you end up having bid even though you are winning. 110 rupees - someone outbids you.

one south of dragon - giant squid.

find wooden sub - chest - empty bottle Zelda Wind Waker Walkthrough

Zelda Wind Waker Review

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