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February 21 2007 Beer and Brewing Newsletter

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Homebrewing - Gross Inspiration
From time to time, the Beer Fox scours through cyberspace, seeking threads of evidence that might reveal the intensity and depth of "your" love for beer.

Redbridge - Made from Sorghum - A Celiac's Delight
Amidst these amber, chestnut and onyx beauties, Anheuser-Busch enters the national spotlight with a cutting-edge beer, one that demands notice and a place of distinction in the field of innovation.

Beer & Food and ... Massage Oil ?
The real meaning of enduring love may be found in something as simple as a beer made memorable. Create a superb beer and food combination, add warming massage oil, and let the romance begin!

Beer Fox Tip of the Week:

"So who's it going to be?"
"Beerdrinker of the Year 2007, of course!"
"I hear Diane Catanzaro of Norfolk, Virginia, is back for a second chance at the crown. It's made of hops, I think."
"What is?"
"The crown. That's what I hear."
"She wants to have quadruplets so she can name them Abbey, Amber, Brett and Mead. Sounds crazy to me."
"Maybe Phil Farrell of Cummings, Georgia - pilot, award-winning homebrewer and beer judge - will get it."
"I hear he's bringing a rubber's some sort of mascot. The chicken is an official member of Rogue Nation. Now, THAT'S crazy. He takes the thing everywhere, like Linus and his blanket. He has at least 1500 photos of famous beer people and his bird."
"Wow! Photos of famous people with his bird."
"What about Logan Perkins of Denver, Colorado? He put all his belongings in storage so he could travel and sample all the great beer of the world. I hear he lives in his van."
"Yeah, man, he's tasted over 4,000 beers in 43 states, 21 European countries and 5 Asian nations. Crazy!"
"I wanna' be HIM!"

On Saturday, February 24, 2007, a panel of illustrious judges, (including the Beer Fox herself), dressed in black robes and white, powdered wigs will be pitching obscure, -maybe obscene - beery questions at three passionate, beer-loving competitors vying for the coveted title of Beerdrinker of the Year 2007.

The competition will be held at the Wynkoop Brewing Company, Denver, Colorado, USA, on Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 2 p.m.

This event is open to the public, with happy-hour prices for beer.

Beer Fox Laugh of the Week:

Three people arrive at the gates of heaven and St. Peter greeted them. "Welcome to Heaven. We have simplified the process of admission, and all you need to do to get into Heaven is pass a simple test. Are you ready?"

The first person said, "I've prepared for this moment for 73 years."
"Okay," said St. Peter, "spell 'God'."
"Very good, enter your eternal reward."

"That was easier than I thought it would be," the second person said, "I'll take my test now."
"Okay," said St. Peter, "spell 'love'."
"Excellent, enter your eternal reward."

The third person, a lawyer, said, "Boy, is this is gonna be a snap. Give me my test."
"Okay," said St. Peter, "spell 'prorhipidoglossomorpha'."
While attending a convention, three psychiatrists take a walk.

"People are always coming to us with their guilt and fears," one says, "but we have no one to go to with our own problems."

"Since we're all professionals," another suggests, "why don't we hear each other out right now?"
They agreed this is a good idea. The first psychiatrist confesses, "I'm a compulsive shopper and deeply in debt, so I usually overbill my patients as often as I can."

The second admits, "I have a drug problem that's out of control, and I frequently pressure my patients into buying illegal drugs for me."

The third psychiatrist says, "I know it's wrong, but no matter how hard I try, I just can't keep a secret."

Beer News

The Mid-Atlantic Regional 1st Round of the National Homebrew Competition is being held in Philadelphia at the Independence Brewpub on April 20th and 21st, 2007. For details about the competition or how to enter:

Craft Beer of the Week Award

Pranqster - North Coast Brewing Company, Fort Bragg, California, USA

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Gentle, citrus-orange fruit, spices of cinnamon, cloves, coriander and nutmeg, and yeasty breadiness wash the air, as the seductive elixir glows a hazy orange-gold inside the tulip. A white, eggshell head dissipates to a slight ring around the upper edge, tempting your lips closer, asking you to sample its sins. Alcohol hits the tongue, while a balance of malt, orange and spice merges in crisp effervescence. Deceptively drinkable, with a 7.6% ABV!


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Carolyn Smagalski, Beer and Brewing Editor

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