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July 10 2006 Homeschooling Newsletter
Homeschooling Newsletter
Meg Grooms, Editor

July 10, 2006

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Dear Reader,

A quick shout out to my baby Cate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Hello! Welcome to another homeschooling newsletter. To thank everyone for reading these newsletters I'm going to be including bonus information in every “real” (as in not lazy and auto-generated) newsletter. Read on for today's bonus!

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Curriculum Review : In The Hands of a Child
In The Hands of a Child is a unique company offering curriculum solely for lapbooking. What is lapbooking you ask? Well, imagine scrapbooking, keeping a journal, taking notes, book making and a unit study all combined and you have a lapbook.

Summer Education
It's summer, time to relax and have fun! Take advantage of this downtime to explore educational games and toys and catch up on some reading!

Summer Reading Programs
Encourage your child to keep reading this summer with these programs!

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Do you know what chromatography is?
You can google the exact scientific explanation, but basically chromatography is a neat way to separate a chemical into it's individual components. This is one method in which hospitals can see what types of medicines you have taken with a blood sample.

To perform a simple chromatogram you will need several different colors of markers, one paper coffee filter per marker, a couple of drinking glasses (one per marker) and some tape.

Near the edge of the coffee filter place one pencil eraser-size dot of a marker. Use a new coffee filter for each marker.

Tape the opposite end of the coffee filter to the glass, with the filter inside the glass.

Very slowly pour cold water into the glass, fill just enough so the very end of the coffee filter is just barely touching the water. Do not splash water onto the filter while pouring the water and do not immerse the coffee filter.

Allow the set-up to sit for 15 minutes and observe. What is happening to the colors? After 30 minutes has there been a change? What about after 60 minutes? Do you see how the colors are seperating? Which color is made from the most individual colors?



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